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Samsung Interview Experience | Set 11 (On-Campus for Samsung R&D)

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Written round: One programming question of 3 hours duration.

There were two rounds : tech PI and HR round.
A. Tech. PI : Firstly,interviewer went through my whole resume.He started asking questions from project done during summer internship.Questions were:
1. What is he project about?
2. Difference between 3G and 4G.
3. What is the aim of this research internship?
4. How much was i able to complete in two months?(I told that i am continuing as major project,since in two months time i could not get desired result).

Then, he went onto programming language i was comfortable. I answered C.
I was asked to write output.Output would be 8 and 7. He asked why. Basic concepts should be clear.
2.Storage Classes in C-asked me concept and gave some questions to write output.
3.Constant pointers and pointers to constant. Asked to write output of snippets he gave.
5.Questions on pointers.

Basic concepts of let us C were asked mostly,that book is enough . Also see, GEEKSFORGEEKS, C section.

Operating System: Mutex and Semaphore,critical Section, Scheduling algorithms, Producer-Consumer Problem.
(Data Structures was not asked to me but others.)

1. Maximum run a batsman can make in 50 overs.
2. There are 10 coins. 5 face head side and 5 as tail. You are blind folded.Make two piles of equal number of coins such that number of head in equal in both the piles.
Assumption:You can flip coin any number of times.

Question: Why do you want to join Samsung,though placed in OFSS?

Questions: Any plans of future studies. I answered ‘NO’ only job.

Last question: Any question I would like to ask them. I asked what work would be doing in R&D. He explained me a lot of things.

B. HR Round:

1. Introduce yourself.
2. How would your friends describe you?
3. Tell the recent experiences of which makes you initiative.(i told that i am initiative,then he asked that question. So be ready with the examples,when u say any of your qualities.)
4. What is your weakness?
5. Puzzles.He asked me to fill the numbers from 1 to 8 in these 8 boxes, one number exactly once, such that no two consecutive elements are adjacent(diagonally, horizontally or vertically) to each other.
6.Which places in India have you been and what is there to see in Raipur ?

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Last Updated : 05 Feb, 2016
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