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Samsung Delhi (SRI-D) Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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Samsung’s R&D Delhi (SRI-D) visited our campus NIT Delhi in March 2021 for the SDE-I Roles. 

  • Students have to go to Samsung’s Noida Center for the Coding Assessment.
  • In Coding Assessment round, there were one coding question of 3 hours. STL is not allowed so be comfortable in proper implementation of basic data structure and algorithms (like sorting, swapping, stack, queues, etc)
  • In my case coding question was a slight variation of the Travelling Sales Man (TSP) Problem. Solving this question required to be strong in the Concept of Bit masking and Dynamic Programming (Difficulty Level: Hard ).
  • They selected only the students for further rounds, who was able to solve and passed all the test-cases. There were 50 test-cases. If you solved 49 test cases also…..then BAD LUCK ????…
  • Generally, there were one technical interview round followed by one HR-Rounds. But in our case, we have gone through 2 rounds of technical followed by 1 HR round.

First Technical Round: This round was on Skype and lasted for almost 45 minutes. The interview began by talking about my introduction.  As I am from EEE background so he asked me some basic questions about Digital Electronics. After that, he asked about my projects and the work I had done. Then we moved on to a few DSA questions.  

  1. Reverse a linked list using recursion (Code)
  2. Delete a node from Doubly Link List (Code)
  3. Concept of Dynamic allocation of Memory
  4. Pilers of OOPs
  5. Single ton classes (Code)

He also asks some computer network questions like the difference between switches and router, detailed discussion on DNS (Domain Name System), etc.

Students who clear this round have to go for another technical round  

Second Technical Round: This was around one hour interview on Skype. 

  • It started with an introduction and soon interviewer moves on System Design questions. Generally, Samsung never ask questions on System design, but I was unlucky. I was not much comfortable, but he said that “he just wants to know my thinking approach”. Questions are Design of Netflix, Ola/Uber Design, Design of ATM security system, etc.
  • He also asked different questions based on DSA like Implement stack using linked list, differences between AVL and Red-black tree, BST and heap sort, etc.  He asked about my projects (in depth), operating system, and OOPs (run time polymorphism and need of abstract class) .
  • He also asked two puzzle one is “Cutting a cake in eight parts using exactly three cuts” and second is “How to Measure 45 minutes using two identical wires”. (Hint: solve geeks Puzzles)

HR Round: This was about 30 minutes long interview. First, she asked introduction, after that she was very interested in my internship that I did in ISRO. She asked few common questions on that. Few basic HR questions are also asked which are mentioned below:

  1. Why should I hire you?
  2. What you know about Samsung?
  3. Hobbies
  4. Three strong and three-weakness

(Suggestion: —-Please ask questions at the end of session when they ask you to do so..)

In late-night, I got the message of getting selected from my TnP coordinator ✨.  

Overall Lite tha yrr chill ….All the best  

Tips: Solve the previously asked questions of Samsung and be strong in CS fundamental  

Last Updated : 21 May, 2021
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