Salesforce Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus)

Salesforce came to our college to hire for Full time Software Engineer role. The process was open to only Computer Science students with an aggregate CGPA > 7.0. The entire interview process was conducted on campus.

Online Test

Hosted on Hackerrank. It consisted of 2 coding questions-

  1. Check if parenthesis is balanced. All types of parenthesis can be present (, {, [, ], }, )
  2. If a = 1, b = 2, …, z = 26, calculate number of ways to decode an integer to a character string.

Eg. 1243 can be decoded in 3 ways

Interview – 1

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • My favorite Data Structure and Why. Also, he asked me the toughest problem I had ever solved in the domain of Computer Science.
  • Implement Stack using two Queues. How would you. Scale this in a multithreaded environment when multiple threads are trying to access the same stack?
  • Left view of a Binary tree
  • What is the basic principle of Dynamic Programming?
  • Number of ways to climb a staircase of N steps if at a time the person can take 1, 2 or 3 steps.

Interview – 2

  • Egg breaking puzzle – Suppose that we wish to know which floors in a 100-storey building are safe to drop eggs from, and which will cause the eggs to break on landing. What strategy should be used to drop eggs such that total number of drops in worst case is minimized and we find the required floor.
  • Iterative inorder traversal in a Binary tree
  • Find Longest root to leaf path in a tree
  • Implement Blocking Queue in a multithreaded environment using Semaphore.

Interview – 3

  • He asked me my favorite CS subject.
  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself in DS-Algorithms and DBMS.
  • Given the following table regarding marks of students in a college in a semester in various subjects: (Roll number, Stream, Subject, Marks). Write a SQL query to find the top 3 rankers of each department.
  • Interviewer described a game scenario which consisted of a Cartesian plane and there are steps fixed at particular coordinates. The player enters from the top left point and can jump from a point to an adjacent point if there is a step there and the distance to jump is not more than one unit. Destination point is bottom right corner. Find the minimum number of steps the player needs to go from source to destination.
  • Internal implementation of Hashmap and collision handling.
  • What are indices in SQL? Why are they used? How indices work?
  • (Key, Value) entries are stored in a File on a disk. A read operation reads a value, given a particular key. How can the read operation be made more efficient. I found the question a little ambiguous and asked for a head start. He told me to think in terms of File System (Distributed File System using blocks)

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