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Salesforce Interview Experience | On-Campus for FTE

Last Updated : 25 Jan, 2019
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Salesforce recently visited our campus BITS Pilani for the first time for Associate Member of Technical Staff role in Hyderabad.

Round 1: Online Round (Hosted on Hackerrank | Duration: 1 hour) 

The online round consists of 10 MCQs and 2 coding questions.

MCQs were asked from Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating Systems, OOP, DBMS and Computer Networks. They were of easy to medium difficulty. (+1 for a correct answer and -0.25 for an incorrect answer)

The coding questions were similar to the following:


Round 2: F2F Technical Round (~45 mins)

In this round questions asked were based on Data Structure and Algorithms.

  1. Preorder traversal of a tree in iterative fashion
  2. Next question was on external sort
  3. Last question was something as given n arrays, each are individually sorted and each array has size m. I need to write the n*m elements in a file in sorted order. The most optimal way of doing this is by using heap.

For first 2 questions, after explaining the concept, I was also asked to write the code.

Round 3: F2F Technical Round (~1-1:15 hours)

In the this round, questions were mainly based on DSA, OOP and OS and little bit regarding resume.

First he asked me how my previous round was and then he asked to me tell something myself. I started with basic introduction about myself and then explained about the Position of Responsibilities I held in my college. Then he asked me to explain my internship project and also one academic project(just briefly).

He then asked me if I had any conflict with my manager in internship and how I would tend to resolve it. I had a experience of conflict during my internship so I told him that. Then he moved on to the technical questions

  1.  K Reverse Linked list Initially he had asked me how reverse a linked list but he could tell that I have solved the question previously so he asked me if I had seen this question previously and I said yes so he asked me K Reverse Linked List.
  2. Find the peak element in an array For both the above questions after explaining the concept I had to write the code.
  3. A tree based question was also asked. Given a binary tree, print all the nodes values which are cousins of a node whose value is given. For eg: if a node has 2 children whose value is 5 and 6 and I am asked to print all cousins of the node which has value 6 then I have print all the values which are at the same level as the node which contains 6 except I don’t have to print 5 as 5 is a sibling of 6 and not a cousin. I just had to explain the algorithm.
  4. He asked if I heard of N Queen problem which I had so I told yes him and so he skipped it He asked some questions regarding OOP concepts like what is abstraction, encapsulation, how is map implemented in STL then how does garbage collector works in java and then one OS question. What is thrashing ?
  5. Last question was based on quick sort. He asked in which cases would worst case time complexity would occur and a bit more discussion on this.

Lastly he asked if I had any questions for it and I just asked what’s it like to work in Salesforce and hows the work culture and all.

Round 4: F2F Hiring Manager Round (~ 25 mins)

This round began with simple discussion on Resume points and what do I know about Salesforce and why do I want to join Salesforce. He asked me which is my favorite course, I said Network Programming and explained him a little bit about the project that I had done in it. He asked me what all technologies I had used in the project. I happened to mention him threads were used so he started asking me questions based on threads and how mutual exclusion can be provided using threads. Answer is by using mutex locks. Then he asked me whats the difference between static and global variables and a little bit of general non- technical discussion and in the he asked if I had any questions for him.

Verdict : Selected

The company had come to hire only 2-3 students but they took a total of 5 students since they were quite happy with them so basically everything is upon the interviewee and if the interviewee is good and has proper knowledge, he will most probably get selected.

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