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Salesforce Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 06 Jan, 2019
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I recently had my placements where I appeared for the Salesforce process. The following are the rounds they conducted while hiring from our college.

Round 1 : This was a Online Coding Round hosted on HackerRank(I guess) having two questions :
Question 1: This was a normal two pointer question with a slight modification. Level – Easy
Question 2: This question was based on a post from geeksforgeeks with the title – “Partition of a set into K subsets with equal sum”. I did this using DP since I couldn’t think of Backtracking during the test. And obviously my code didn’t run for all cases, since my code wasn’t able to handle negative numbers in the array.

Round 2 : This was a technical interview round having questions from Computer Science fundamentals, viz., OS, OOP, DBMS. The interviewer also asked me some good questions from DSA. The questions were Easy(Array), Moderate(Strings) and Moderate(Trees) respectively. One of the questions was to do a pre-order traversal without using recursion. I did it using a stack. (Level – Easy). I don’t remember the other two but they were not that difficult. Anyone with fair amount of practice can do these questions. He told me to write error free code on a piece of paper and also dry run for different test-cases.

Round 3 : This round was also a technical interview round. He asked me abstract questions and wanted me to come up with some sort of design for an end-to-end system facilitating the hotel industry. Here, the interviewer expects the candidate to be creative and come up with unique ideas. You have to think out of the box. But believe me, it’s not that difficult. If I made it, you can too. Then he asked me about my projects and internships. One should be thorough with resume and the projects mentioned. It’s really important. Then he asked a standard DSA question which was – “Given a binary tree, generate the vertical order traversal of the tree”. One can easily find it in geeksforgeeks. He also asked very basic questions of OOP, which were very difficult. For example, how does free(ptr) get to know to know about the size of the block allocated to ptr(pointer initialized using malloc, say), and when it is called how it actually works. Really basic but difficult, atleast for me.

Round 4 : This round was again a Technical Interview round. I got to know from the HRs that it was circulated to the other interviewers that my CS fundamentals were not strong enough. I couldn’t agree more. I knew that already. Since my previous two interviews were a bit dicey, they called me up for another round of Technical Interview. Yes! Not true for everybody though. The interviewer asked me a very difficult question(relative again) based on Dynamic Programming which goes as follows – “You are given with n houses and three colors. You are also given the cost of painting each house with a particular color. So we have 3*n costs, right? Now we need to paint all the houses such that the overall cost of painting is minimized and also now two houses can be painted with the same color”. First of all I gave a solution based on Backtracking and the solution complexity was exponential. He wanted me to improve the solution. I thought for about five minutes and couldn’t come up with any solution. Then I realized that I had done such a question in the Interviewbit Code Ninja Tests. So, I somehow figured a similar logic for the question and it worked! The interviewer was impressed and cleared the round.

Round 5 :
This round was the final and HR round. I was asked in-depth questions about the projects that I had mentioned in my resume. I explained everything properly. The interviewer got fascinated by one of my projects where I had worked on Blockchain technology. He told me to explain how a blockchain functions. After he was done interviewing me, I asked some questions about the work culture, tech stack and some latest technologies developed by the company like Einstein Cloud and CRM(not latest but very famous).

Preparation – Geeksforgeeks, Interviewbit, Codechef

Verdict – Got the offer.

Suggestions – Keep Calm, Be smart, Focus on basics, Study Company Archives from geeksforgeeks, Code enough, Get Placed.

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