RPAD() Function in MySQL

RPAD() function in MySQL is used to pad or add a string to the right side of the original string.

Syntax :

RPAD(str, len, padstr)

Parameter : This function accepts three parameter as mentioned above and described below :

  • str : The actual string which is to be padded. If the length of the original string is larger than the len parameter, this function removes the overfloating characters from string.
  • len : This is the length of a final string after the right padding.
  • padstr : String that to be added to the right side of the Original Str.

Returns : It returns a new string of length len after pading.

Example-1 : Applying RPAD() Function to a string to get a new padded string.

SELECT RPAD("geeksforgeeks", 20, "*") AS RightPaddedString;

Output :


Example-2 : Applying RPAD() Function to a string when the original string is larger than the len parameter.

SELECT RPAD("geeksforgeeks", 10, "*") AS RightPaddedString;

Output :


Example-3 : Applying RPAD() Function to a string column in a table :

Table – Student_Details :

Student_Id Name Marks
1 Tarun Saha 430
2 Nilima Mondal 425
3 Sanya Jain 450
4 Amit Sharma 460
SELECT RPAD(Name, 15, "#") AS RightPadStudentName
FROM Student_Details;

Output :

Tarun Saha#####
Nilima Mondal##
Sanya Jain#####
Amit Sharma####

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