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Robots with a different purpose

Last Updated : 02 Oct, 2022
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As time passes by, technology undergoes rapid development in various sectors. Robotics is one such sector that has seen large diversity in the process. From industrial to humanoid robots, there is large variety of robots out there for various needs or just for entertainment. However, there are some that stand out a lot more than their counterparts because of their unique functionality.

Artistically talented robots :
Ai-Da is one such robot. as it is the world’s first robot artist. Claimed to be ultra-realistic, Ai-Da has created several artworks over time, including sketches of people, which was possible through facial recognition technology coupled with cameras present in her eyes. She has even held an art exhibition, where her artwork sold for more than $1 million.

Robots are also being used for therapeutic functions. A robot named Paro comes under this category. Paro’s physical features are very different from the standard notion people have about a robot’s physical appearance. It looks like a seal. Paro helps reduce stress and improves person’s psychological well being.

Personal assistant robots :
Apart from these, there are robots which act as personal assistants. One such robot that stands out is called Buddy. Buddy is social robot. It displays variety of emotions, making it feel more life-like. The company that made Buddy claims that it is companion for all ages. It can perform variety of other non- essential tasks such as keeping you updated on the latest news, quizzes and a lot more.

A robot which came out this year and deserves special mention is Samsung’s Ballie. It may not be that different from Buddy which is also personal assistant however it stands out due to its ball like shape and pet friendly attributes. It can function as security robot, help you with your fitness regime and assist in handling smart devices in your house. Star wars fans are fond of it because it resembles BB-8, loyal robot in the series.

Commercially useful and unique robots :
While mentioning unique robots, one wouldn’t forget the snake robot, ACM-R5H. This robot was initially created in 2010 and now is commercially available. Though its uncanny resemblance to an actual snake in terms of movements had terrified many people back in the day, it has become useful robot now. Just as it claims, it can go to areas where humans can’t, hence making undersea exploration a lot more easier. It is amphibious in nature and can be used for various inspection purposes on land as well.

Another unique robot that is worth mention is Baxter. Unlike other robots, which follow set of instructions programmed into them, Baxter can be taught a task in real time. It needs some manual guiding at first but after while it will be able to do it all by itself.

Although many of these are not as popular as their social humanoid robot versions, they have made far bigger difference in everyone’s lives.

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