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Mobile Robots

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  • Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2022
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Mobile robots are those robots which work as a machine which is highly controlled by software programming that use sensors and other technologies like Artificial Intelligence to identify their surroundings and move around its environment. Mobile robots function using a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and physical robotic elements, such as wheels, tracks, and legs. Mobile robots are becoming increasingly popular across different business sectors. They are used to assist with work processes and even accomplish tasks that are impossible or dangerous for human workers. 

Humanoid robots, entertainment pets, drones, and underwater robots are some great examples of mobile robots. They can be distinguished from other robots because of their ability to move autonomously. These robots have enough intelligence to make the decision on the basis of algorithms where it can take input and learn from that and can match the predictive classifier and then give the expected output. They can make decisions on the basis of the perception they receive from the environment. 

Mobile robots have a source of input data and they react by decode the input data to the outside world. In today’s times, there are mobile robots that can walk, run, jump like a living component. And in the future due to these abilities, they can substitute humans in many fields. 

Classification of Mobile Robots : 
Mobile robots can be classified in two ways as follows. 

  1. Based on the environment in which they work. 
  2. Based on the device they use to work.

Now, let’s discuss one by one.  

  1. Based on the Environment they work : 
    Mobile Robots can be classified on the basis of the environment they work in as follows. 
    • Aerial Robots – 
      Aerial Robots are also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). These robots can fly through the air. eg-drones, helicopters, etc. 
    • Land or Home Robots – 
      Land Robots are also known as Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs). These robots can navigate on dry land and within buildings of houses and offices. These are used to supply equipment .eg-dirtdog etc. 
    • Underwater Robots – 
      Underwater Robots are also known as Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). These robots can direct themselves and travel through water in an efficient manner. eg-submarines etc.
  2. Based on the device they use to work : 
    Mobile Robots can be classified on the basis of devices they use to work as follows. 
    • Wheeled Robots – 
      Wheeled Robots are also known as Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIVs). These robots are those robots that use wheels for their locomotion. There are different types of wheeled robots like one-wheeled robots, two-wheeled robots, etc. 
    • Humanoid Robots – 
      Humanoid robots are those robots that have their body shape, which resembles the human body. They work majorly on the basis of sensors .eg androids, etc. 
    • Legged Robots – 
      Legged robots are those robots that use articulated limbs like legs and follow a mechanism to provide locomotion .eg hexapod robot etc.

Features of Mobile Robots : 

  • Mobile Robots provide wireless communication. 
  • They contain locomotion controlling softwares. 
  • They work majorly on predefined algorithms. 
  • They have hierarchical controlling structure. 
  • They are easy to operate and have more efficiency.

Application fields of Mobile Robots : 

  • Education and Research 
  • Remote handling of explosive materials 
  • Military Mobile Robots 
  • Fire Fighting and Rescue 
  • Mining 
  • Construction 
  • Photography and Videography 
  • Planetary Exploration
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