Reuse Oriented Model

Reuse Oriented Model (ROM), also known as reuse-oriented development (ROD), it can be steps of the software development for specific duration in which software is redesigned through creating a sequence of prototypes known as models, every system is derived from the previous one with constant series of defined rules.

The reuse-oriented model isn’t always sensible in its pure form due to cause of an entire repertoire of reusable additives that might not be available. In such cases, several new system components need to be designed. If it is not done, ROM has to compromise in perceived requirements, leading to a product that does not meet exact requirements of user. This model depends upon perception that maintenance might be viewed as a pastime involving reuse of existing system components.

The reuse model has 4 fundamental steps which are followed :

  1. To identify components of old system that are most suitable for reuse.
  2. To understand all system components.
  3. To modify old system components to achieve new requirements.
  4. To integrate all of modified parts into new system.

A specific framework is required for categorization of components and consequently required modification. The complete reuse version may begin from any segment of the existence cycle – need, planning, code, design, or analyze data – not like other models.

Advantages :

  • It can reduce total cost of software development.
  • The risk factor is very low.
  • It can save lots of time and effort.
  • It is very efficient in nature.

Disadvantages :

  • Reuse-oriented model is not always worked as a practice in its true form.
  • Compromises in requirements may lead to a system that does not fulfill requirement of user.
  • Sometimes using old system component, that is not compatible with new version of component, this may lead to an impact on system evolution.

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