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Difference between Agile Model and V-Model

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Agile Model: Agile Model is the software development model in which the development and testing process carries on simultaneously. In this model, both development-related processes and testing-related processes are parallel. This model provides the facility for more interaction between the development team, testing team, and end-users. 

V-Model: V-Model is the software development model in which testing takes place once the development process is fully complete or almost complete. The V-Model development and testing process are kept quite separate. It is not as reliable as the Agile Model. 

Difference between Agile Model and V-Model:

S. No.Agile ModelV-Model
1.It is a software development model in which development and testing are concurrent.It is also a software development model but development and testing are not concurrent.
2.It consists of different sprints.It has two phases-Verification and Validation.
3.Testing is easy as compared to V-model.Testing is hard as compared to the Agile model.
4.It consists of total of five phases.It consists of five verification and five validation phases.
5.Communication is easy between end users, the development team, and the testing team.The development team and testing team don’t interact much with end users.
6.Developers and testers are dependent on each other.Developers and testers are independent.
7.It is iterative.It is not iterative.
8.It is incremental.It is not incremental.
9.It is suitable for small or large projects where the work needs to be completed iteratively.It is suitable for large projects where the work needs to be completed sequentially.
10.In Agile model, the coding and testing phase gains more focus than the design phase.In V-model, the design phase gains more focus than the implementation phase.
11.In agile model, working software is available early as compared to V-model.In V-model, working software takes time in comparison to the agile model.
12.It is a proactive model.It is a reactive model.
13.It is more flexible compared to V-model.This model is less flexible and more rigid compared to the agile model.
14.Relatively less testing cycle time than V-model because testing is done in parallel with the development.Testing cycle time is more than the agile model.
Last Updated : 30 Aug, 2022
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