Quick Heal Technologies Internship cum Placement Interview(On-Campus)

Following is the interview procedure of Quick Heal Technologies held at Chitkara University, Punjab.
There were two job profiles offered – Software Developer and Quality Assurance. For both the profiles there was different procedure.

Round 1: Qualifying test

For Software Developer : A written exam was conducted which aimed at predicting and writing the output of given programs in C and C++ (20 questions each) and 10 questions based on Aptitude. The expected output problems were generally based on pointers, constructors-destructors, up-casting and down-casting.

For Quality Assurance : An objective type exam(40 questions) was conducted which included various questions from Operating system like scheduling algorithms and Linux Commands. From computer networking many questions were asked on basic protocols, sub-netting, IP header, routing devices and some questions from SQL. The last question was a coding question to be written on the answer sheet only.

Round 2: Technical Interview

For Software Developer : Various puzzles and basic OOPS questions were asked along with some concepts of pointers. Some questions were asked from the project you have done during your degree program.

For Quality Assurance : This was kind of a discussion type interview where one was asked his interest along with their strengths in different aspects of courses of computer science degree. Questions were asked from Computer Networking and database management skills, their knowledge in Linux was tested and coding as well.

Round 3: HR Interview

The HR asked simple and general questions like how was the interview procedure, along with how did the day went. Some wwre asked to describe about themselves and about their family. They were asked how would they’ll be reacting if they are promoted mid-way of the internship.

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