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Quantiphi Interview Experience

Last Updated : 24 Aug, 2021
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The interview process is good all I can say, the company is all based on the framework and machine learning 

I got selected for the framework Engineer post.

It generally consists of 3 rounds but got my mail in the second round of my selection and the last round had not been taken 

Round 1: As the interviewer comes in and asks me to introduce myself and tell me something that is not mentioned in your resume  

  • After that tell me your strength and weakness 
  • The round was generally of aptitude and logical thinking, they ask me questions regarding the number series and some string related that you are given these string what will come next more than 10 questions are there related to this.
  • After that, she started asking me about my certifications and some question from the SQL database 
  • All the related to basics of database update insert select rollback commit.

Round 2: This round was all about programming and projects any internship or training

  • He asks me to code how to remove the duplicates in a LinkedList
  • The next question was related to finding the natural number for the selected index
  • The last question was to find a missing value in an array as  arr [1 …..  n]
  • After that, he started asking me about my projects and my training related queries
  • It was a healthy environment and everything goes smooth

As my second round finished a got a mail for my selection for a further round 

Verdict: Selected

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