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Quantiphi Interview Experience | Platform Engineer
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 13 Dec, 2017

Round 1: First round consists of 2 parts. 30 apti questions in 30 min and 2 small coding questions in 30 min.

Round 2: He started with Tell me about yourself and then started asking questions about my CV(Projects mainly). How algorithm in my machine learning project works(LDA). Then he asked how many ML algorithms I know then he asked from where did I learn them.  He understood that I am good with Java. As they needed someone who is good with programming for platform engineer he referred me to another interviewer for checking my Java skills.

He asked me about modifiers, String args[] in main function, chmod 777 in terminal, string.substring(),difference between interface and abstract class, what is static how you call static variables in another class,……..

Round 3: Round 3 was completely how many profiles is Quantiphi hiring for, what kind of product would you build and why?

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