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Qualcomm Interview Experience | Set 17 (On-Campus)

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The test based on HirePro Examination. They had outsourced the first round to HirePro and had asked them for results on the basis of which students were called for the next rounds. The test was difficult especially Quants and Computer Science section, I had gotten advice from my seniors to study from PrepInsta. Some questions were repeated from there thus, I was able to solve the Question Paper in time but still, it was lengthy and most of us failed to solve all the questions in time correctly. Round 1:  In written exam with three section,
  • Quantitative and reasoning
  • Computer science
  • Programming MCQ
Time – 25 min Number of Questions – 20 Questions Round 2: Technical interview
  • What is watchdog timer
  • Determine output of given program.(programs are basically checking if-else pairing in nested form, storage type.. register, about const keyword, about pointer and its initialization)
  • Questions on Time and Space Complexity
  • Binary Search logic and its code
  • Any other search algorithms he asked and I said Linear search, etc
  • Time complexity comparison of different search algorithms
  • Explain project in detail.
  • Implementation of Queues using linked list.
  • Difference between single linked list and double linked list (in-depth analysis).
Round 3 / HR: Most of the questions in HR round were basic and thus, I don’t think you need anything special just speak confident and good English.

Last Updated : 19 Jul, 2019
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