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Qualcomm Interview Experience | Set 20 (On Campus – IIITD)

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Qualcomm process contains 4 or 5 rounds – 

  1. Aptitude+Programming mcqs+Technical mcqs
  2. Technical Interview I
  3. Technical Interview II
  4. Technical Interview III(may or may not be)
  5. HR interview

Round – I  

1. Aptitude Section: (30 min – 20 questions / Negative marking) 

  • Work and wages -2 question
  • 1 seating arrangement puzzle – 4question
  • 1 data interpretation – 4 question
  • Speed, time distance – 2 question
  • ratio and proportion – 3 question
  • other 5 are coding decoding, series etc type questions.

Note – Questions are moderate, but time is very less. Be quick in this section! 

2. Programming and Technical: (30 min – 20 questions, 30 min – 20 questions / Negative marking) 

  • Pointers in c++ – Focus on precedence and associativity of operators(60%)
  • Union and structure in c++
  • worst fit, best fit which one is better?
  • pseudo code for queue using two stacks
  • NOP operation – takes memory stalls in code segment?
  • sorting algorithms complexity?
  • bitwise operator questions in c++
  • super keyword in java points in mcq forms
  • static keyword in c++
  • const pointers in c
  • LRU AND FCFS page faults algorithms numericals in os
  • heapify, heap sort complexity?

Note – Programming mcqs are easy, but technical mcqs are not so easy. Questions are based on fundamentals of programming(c/c++). Focus on basics of C/C++, Operating system, COA, DS and algorithms. Again Be quick in this section also. 

Round – II 

This round was very interesting. He asked me to Introduce Myself ! 

After that he jumped on the technical section directly. 

  1. He asked me about my Language used in the projects – C/C++/Java/Python. And then a Programming question – Sort an array of 0s, 1s and 2s
  2. How to pass an array with the help of pointers. While passing 2d array, why it is necessary to pass number of columns?
  3. Size of structure and union (structure padding) –
  4. You have to include a file in your program which will contain a generic code for linked list operations using pointers in C? –
  5. Write a code for memcpy function in C, he wanted a generic code implementation, hence focused on void pointers and typecasting of pointers.
  6. What is Operating system? Tell me about memory management – Paging, Segmentation? – Was very happy after this discussion !
  7. Write a program to reverse bits of a number, You can not use mod % operator – Write an Efficient C Program to Reverse Bits of a Number
  8. Tell me about your projects, he was focusing on my Information retrieval and Foundation of parallel programming projects a lot in the end.
  9. Want to ask Ask any question? – I asked him about his area of interest and in which area he is working now a days in Qualcomm?

Round – III 

This round was very boring, because Interviewer was not giving any outputs whether I was correct or not. He was asking questions in a sequence. 

  1. Asked me about content of the questions of Round – II. So that he can ask some different questions in this round.
  2. You have 13 group of cards, each group has 4 cards of similar type and has a same number on them, which can be from (1, 2, 3……13). What is probability of choosing 3 cards so that number 10 should be on 3rd card?
  3. Tell me, how to predict a number if it is prime or not, Derive time complexity and space complexity? He asked me various approaches. I knew only 2 methods in O(logn) time complexity –
  4. What is the advantage of using function pointers for calling functions instead of calling function directly – I told him about lambda function in c++11 –
  5. Again he asked a math question. You have a grid of m*n size, what are the ways to go from one point to another point in the grid given that i can not go from two restricted points? – Famous gate puzzle
  6. Suddenly he said Thanks! Wait outside.

I answered each and every question. I was very nervous after this round as the interviewer was not responding anything, he was asking questions only. Then i waited for Hr round for 2-3 hours. 

Round – IV 

HR round, Again he asked the same repeated and boring questions. Please do not prepare for these questions! According to the situation, predict the answer, what the HR wants. 

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Why qualcomm?
  • What work you will do in qualcomm?
  • Qualcomm Hyderabad or Banglore or Noida?
  • Any questions?

Finally result came at 11:00pm and I was in the selected list of students. 

Note – 

  1. Be fast in the online test.
  2. Focus on your fundamentals of computer science (Prepare your gate or Btech subjects basics).
  3. Prepare for aptitude also because every section has its own cutoff.
  4. Prepare for coding questions – Interviewbit and geeksforgeeks are good platforms.

Contact (If more queries) –

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Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2021
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