Python | sys.getswitchinterval() method

This sys module provides access to some variables used or maintained by the interpreter and to functions that interact strongly with the interpreter. It provides information about constants, functions and methods of python interpreter. It can be used for manipulating Python runtime environment.

sys.getswitchinterval() method is used to get the interpreter’s thread switch interval (in seconds). This floating-point value determines the ideal duration of the timeslices allocated to concurrently running Python threads.

Syntax: sys.getswitchinterval()

Parameter: This method accepts no parameter.

Return Value: It returns the interpreter’s thread switch interval.

Example #1 :





# Python program to explain sys.getswitchinterval() method 
# Importing sys module 
import sys 
# Using sys.getswitchinterval() method 
# to find the interpreter’s thread switch interval
interval = sys.getswitchinterval()
# Print result 




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