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Python String format_map() Method

  • Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2021

Python String format_map() method is an inbuilt function in Python, which is used to return a dictionary key’s value.


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Here z is a variable in which the input dictionary is stored and string is the key of the input dictionary. input_dict: Takes a single parameter which is the input dictionary.


Returns key’s values of the input dictionary.

Example 1: Python String format_map() method


# input stored in variable a.
a = {'x':'John', 'y':'Wick'}
# Use of format_map() function
print("{x}'s last name is {y}".format_map(a))


John's last name is Wick

Example 2:


# input stored in variable a.
a = {'x':"geeksforgeeks", 'y':'b'}
# Use of format_map() function
print('{x} {y}'.format_map(a))


geeksforgeeks b

Example 3:


# Input dictionary
profession = { 'name':['Barry', 'Bruce'],
               'profession':['Engineer', 'Doctor'],
               'age':[30, 31] }
# Use of format_map() function 
print('{name[0]} is an {profession[0]} and he'
      ' is {age[0]} years old.'.format_map(profession))
print('{name[1]} is an {profession[1]} and he'
      ' is {age[1]} years old.'.format_map(profession))


Barry is an Engineer and he is 30 years old.
Bruce is an Doctor and he is 31 years old.

Example 4: Practical Application

The format_map() function can be used in any practical application.


# Python code showing practical 
# use of format_map() function
def chk_msg(n):
    # input stored in variable a.
    a = {'name':"George", 'mesg':n}
    # use of format_map() function 
    print('{name} has {mesg} new messages'.format_map(a))


George has 10 new messages

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