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Python | Split given list and insert in excel file

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  • Last Updated : 28 Feb, 2019
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Given a list containing Names and Addresses consecutively, the task is to split these two elements at a time and insert it into excel.

We can use a very popular library for data analysis, Pandas. Using pandas we can easily manipulate the columns and simply insert the filtered elements into excel file using df.to_excel() function.

Below is the implementation :

# Python code to split the list two element 
# at a time and insert it into excel.
# Importing pandas as pd
import pandas as pd
# List initialization
list1 = ['Assam', 'India',
         'Lahore', 'Pakistan'
         'New York', 'USA',
         'Bejing', 'China']
df = pd.DataFrame()
# Creating two columns
df['State'] = list1[0::2]
df['Country'] = list1[1::2]
# Converting to excel
df.to_excel('result.xlsx', index = False)

Output :

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