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Python | Sort words of sentence in ascending order

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 22 Nov, 2019
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Given a sentence, sort it alphabetically in ascending order.


Input : to learn programming refer geeksforgeeks
Output : geeksforgeeks learn programming refer to

Input : geeks for geeks
Output : for geeks geeks

We will use built in library function to sort the words of the sentence in ascending order.
1. split()
2. sort() in Python
3. join()

  • Split the Sentence in words.
  • Sort the words alphabetically
  • Join the sorted words alphabetically to form a new Sentence.

Below is the implementation of above idea.

# Function to sort the words
# in ascending order
def sortedSentence(Sentence):
    # Splitting the Sentence into words
    words = Sentence.split(" ")
    # Sorting the words
    # Making new Sentence by 
    # joining the sorted words
    newSentence = " ".join(words)
    # Return newSentence
    return newSentence
# Driver's Code
Sentence = "to learn programming refer geeksforgeeks"
# Print the sortedSentence
Sentence = "geeks for geeks"
# Print the sortedSentence


geeksforgeeks learn programming refer to
for geeks geeks
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