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Python program to Concatenate all Elements of a List into a String
  • Last Updated : 11 Dec, 2020

Given a list, the task is to write a Python program to concatenate all elements in a list into a string.


Input: ['hello', 'geek', 'have', 'a', 'geeky', 'day']
Output: hello geek have a geeky day

Input: ['did', 'u', 'like', 'my', 'article', '?']
Output: did u like my article ?

Method 1: Using join() method


# code
l = ['hello', 'geek', 'have',
   'a', '1', 'day']
# this will join all the 
# elements of the list with ' '
l = ' '.join(l) 


hello geek have a 1 day

Method 2: Naive approach


l = [ 'hello', 'geek', 'have'
     'a', 'geeky', 'day']
ans = ' '
for i in l: 
  # concatenating the strings
  # using + operator
  ans = ans+ ' '+i


hello geek have a geeky day

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