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Python | os.chflags() method
  • Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2019

OS module in Python provides functions for interacting with the operating system. This comes under Python’s standard utility modules. This module provides a portable way of using operating system dependent functionality.

os.chflags() method in Python used to set the flags of path to the numeric flags; available in Unix only. Flags may take a combination (bitwise OR) of the flag values.

Syntax: os.chflag(path, flags)

path: A complete path of directory to be changed to new directory path.
flag: Takes combination(bitwise OR) of the following flag values –

 os.UF_NODUMP – Don’t dump the file.
 os.UF_IMMUTABLE – File may not be changed(read-only).
 os.UF_APPEND – File may only be appended to.
 os.UF_OPAQUE – Directory is opaque, view through a union stack.
 os.UF_NOUNLINK – File may not be renamed or deleted.
 os.UF_COMPRESSED – File is stored compressed
 os.UF_HIDDEN – File should not be displayed in a GUI
 os.SF_ARCHIVED – File may be archived.(super user can be set)
 os.SF_IMMUTABLE – File may not be changed. (super user can be set)
 os.SF_APPEND – File may only be appended to. (super user can be set)
 os.SF_NOUNLINK – File may not be renamed or deleted.(super user can be set)
 os.SF_SNAPSHOT – File is a snapshot file. (super user can be set)

Returns: Doesn’t return any value

# Python3 program to change directory 
# of file using os.chflags() method
# import os library
import os
# defining path and flag
path = "gfg_dir/geek.txt"
flag = os..UF_IMMUTABLE
# assigning val to function chflags()
val = os.chflags(path, flag)
# Doesn't return any value, so
# nothing will be printed
print("Operation successful, returning value: %s" %val)


Operation successful, returning value: None

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