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Python issubclass()

  • Last Updated : 23 Jan, 2020
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We know that inheritance is one of the building blocks of Object-Oriented Programming concept. It is the capability of one class to derive or inherit the properties from some other class. It also provides the reusability of code. We don’t have to write the same code again and again. Also, it allows us to add more features to a class without modifying it.

Refer to the below articles to get the idea about OOPs and Inheritance in Python.

Python issubclass()

Python issubclass() is built-in function used to check if a class is a subclass of another class or not. This function returns True if the given class is the subclass of given class else it returns False.

Syntax: issubclass(object, classinfo)

Object: class to be checked
classinfo: class, types or a tuple of classes and types

Return Type: True if object is subclass of a class, or any element of the tuple, otherwise False.


# Python program to demonstrate
# issubclass()
# Defining Parent class
class Vehicles:
    # Constructor
    def __init__(vehicleType):
        print('Vehicles is a ', vehicleType)
# Defining Child class
class Car(Vehicles):
    # Constructor
    def __init__(self):
# Driver's code   
print(issubclass(Car, Vehicles))
print(issubclass(Car, list))
print(issubclass(Car, Car))
print(issubclass(Car, (list, Vehicles)))



Note: Don’t get confused between isinstance() and issubclass() as both these method are quite similar. However, the name itself explain the differences. isinstance() checks whether or not the object is an instance or subclass of the classinfo. Whereas, issubclass() only check whether it is a subclass of classinfo or not (not check for object relation).

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