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Project Idea | Social-Cop

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Social-Cop – A mobile based solution to address the needs of removal of daily traffic chaos. Problem: More people die on Indian roads every day than to enemy fire, Maoist attacks or diseases, but here’s how staggering that figure actually is-
  • 5 lakhs road accidents every year.
  • Claiming the lives of 1.46 lakh citizens annually.
  • 17 deaths an hour
  • 400 per day.
Solution: The core idea revolves around providing a mobile based solution such that anyone can easily lodge a complaint against the various causes of traffic chaos:
  • Traffic Signal Faults.
  • Illegally Parked Cars.
  • Accidents.
  • Potholes, Unstructured Roads.
  • Road Rage,etc.
At their comfort with the help of their mobile devices. Technology Stack Used to Develop The Module and Solution:
  • iOS Application Development ( Swift )
  • Android Application Development ( Java )
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Firebase
  • Node js
  • Sketch
  • Git
Diagrams:  RoadMap of Action High Level Architecture Detailed Presentation Screenshots Tools Used: Softwares used for the Project : Firebase, Android Studio, Xcode, nodejs etc. Advantages:
  • Easy Reporting of Faults
  • Less Corruption.
  • More Accountability.
  • Less Traffic.
  • Happy Public.
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Last Updated : 07 Feb, 2018
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