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Practo Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2021
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Practo’s on-campus recruitment process consists of the following rounds:

  1. Online coding round
  2. Technical interview 1
  3. Technical interview 2
  4. HR Round

Round 1: Around 250 students appeared for the test Conducted on HackerRank

  • It consisted of 4 questions. 2 were coding questions, 1 SQL Query and the last one was a Database design + 2 SQL queries. 
  • Balance an array of asteroids such that the sum of all elements at even index is equal to all elements at odd index if the array is not balanced find the element index on removing which the array is balanced;
  • Given two arrays a red line and a blue line you have to travel from one city to the last the array contains the cost of traveling between cities. There is an additional cost when we start from the blue line or switch to the blue line called blue cost. minimize the cost of travel.
  • Design a Database of a car company where you are given Car Model, Car Company, Fuel Type, Mileage, Color.

Round 2: Technical interview 1

This was a 30 min round

  • 16 People were shortlisted for this round, The interviewer directly asked me to explain the code that I wrote In the last round. After explaining all the questions 
  • He asked me the approach for which I explained
  • Next, he asked me what normalization is ideal for a write-intensive database

Round 3: Technical interview 2

This got over in around 20 min and 10 People were shortlisted for this round  

  • In this round also the interviewer asked me to explain one of my projects and its application
  • Then she asked me about my data science project and how I implemented it
  • Next, she asked me to design a DB for Airline Booking System(Multiple companies and multiple locations) and retrieve all the bookings by a user in last year.

Round 4: HR Round

2 Students were selected for the HR round The Interviewer was quite friendly and friendly he introduced himself and made me comfortable. He asked a few questions in one go

  • Introduce yourself.
  • How was your college experience
  • Tell me about the tech stacks you are familiar with.
  • why are you choosing Practo over other organizations
  • I answered all in one go.
  • Then he said told me about the structure after I get in.
  • He asked me if I had any questions for him.

Verdict: Selected

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