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Poncho Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. (BOX8) Interview Experience for SDE | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 08 Nov, 2021

I got selected in the BOX8 on-campus drive in my college. The following article is my experience with the same.

Round 1- This round consisted of three coding questions. 1 easy, 1 medium, and 1 hard with marking of 25,50, and 100 respectively. 

  • The test took place on the Hackerrank website and it was 90 mins. 
  • Before this, there was a resume selection, and based on both these rounds, 25 students got selected out of 200 students. 

Round 2 – The next was a Technical Interview round taken by a Team Lead and a Software Developer. The names were provided to us in advance. 

  • The interview started with a general introduction from both sides. 
  • They asked me one coding question i.e. Find the square root of a number without using an in-built function. I started my answer with the brute force method and then optimized it through binary search. 
  • After this, they asked me for a Puzzle where I have to find a minimum number of glass required to find the floor from which the glass balls start to break. After that, they asked me maths high skilled questions, and asked me about my project. As I have done Machine Learning so they asked me the difference between Machine Learning and Coding. In Conclusion, the second round was to check more or less real-life implementations of whatever projects I have done.

5 got selected from this round.

Round 3 – The next was also a Technical Interview and was also taken by a Team Lead and a Software Developer. 

  • They asked me a brief about my projects on how I got the motivation to do certain projects. And what was the driving force for me in all those projects? 
  • Then they asked me a searching problem in a row and column-wise sorted matrix. 
  • I started with O(N log N) method and with certain help, I have managed to do it in O(N). 
  • Then they asked me about designing a website and how will I design an IRCTC website what are things they can expect in the front end of the software. They also asked me about the rating algorithm and how this algorithm can be unbiased on the backend side. They asked me questions on where and how I can use Machine Learning algorithms in the back end. It was 90 mins round but the faculty in charge of taking the test didn’t make me feel so. 

2 got selected from this round.

Overall it was a good experience. The organization has a very fast recruiting system and the whole process took around 3 days. 

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