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Phraseology Used In Networking

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  • Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2021
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In this, we will discuss the basic overview of networking and will cover common terminologies of networking. You will be able to understand the concept of computer networking in a better way if you will familiar with common terminologies of computer networking. We will guide you through common terminologies. Let’s discuss one by one.  

Networking :
The collection of system and peripheral devices which are connected with each other through a communication links that will allow the network computers have ti work together known as computer network. 

Now, before starting with the terms we must be aware of the meaning of the word computer network. Let’s understand the importance of Phraseology Used In Networking.

Role of Phraseology Used In Networking :
In computer networking, common terminologies is widely used and will be very helpful if you will have a better understanding of these terminologies. And once you will understand these terminologies then you will be able to learn quickly the concepts of networking without getting difficulties. Let’s consider an example, if you are going to cover the concepts of LAN, MAN, and WAN then basic knowledge of terminologies like topology, network, workstation, media etc. will be good to understand these topics thoroughly. 

Common Phraseology Used In Networking :

Here are few expressions or terms related to networking as follows.

  1. Nodes – 
    We can say a device or a node are always connected directly to the network cable which we even call as data path and are relevant to the system or computers and the serve. This is called as network devices or network nodes.
  2. Media
    As we see the media is bounded to cable or wire which collectively known as data path and even not at all bounded to anything called as free space so most of the LANs use bounded media and the several interests are developing in the unbounded radio broadcast of the LANs.
  3. Virtual
    A virtual disk process allocates RAM to simulate the presence of floppy disk drive in which a process is transparent if it exists but does not appear to be so. To an application program a virtual disk appears to be a real disk drive but does not exist physically. A good example is by separation of physical aspects of LAN & application that will run. So we can say a database software package would operate any differently on Ethernet where Arcnet or an IBM Token Ring LAN.
  4. Server – 
    This term is used for the device that offers a service to network users for examine it could be a hardware, software or both. The special purpose devices or the computers doing double work.  Fir instance, file server, print servers, gateway etc.
  5. Protocol
    Among all the network devices the set of rules that allow on a uniform way which are reliable or do reliable transfer of information among all network devices in a collective form. By the International Standards Organization we have developed seven layer model in this the protocol refer to rules associated with specific layer or set. Ethernet, IBM and Arcnet, Token Ring this applies to data link layer or physical set. To the ANSI/IEEE 802.3 Local Area network standard the Ethernet began as a de facto standard.
  6. Throughput – 
    From the time a measure that will describe the interval in which the request is putted as a workstation until the response is received.
  7. Physical & Logical – 
    Physical entity can be seen and touch while in logical process it cannot be seen or touched, (Hardware) physical and (software) logical.
  8. Data rate – 
    Between two adapter cards on a network it is useful as provides an upper limit boundary on network and communication capacity.
  9. Bottlenecks
    Network adapter cards and data movement within workstation and servers can be accessed to shared hard disk for data reads and writes.
  10. Workstation
    This is used as a node on a network application programs as it is in the IBM Token Ring Network in this the IBM PC is a compatible computer which can be used as a workstation as it is computer used as a node.
  11. Host – 
    The native operating system in which MS_DOS is a host system and IBM PC or PS/2 is a host operating system in this term the microcomputer attached to a network device.
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