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Philips Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus)

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Phlips came in our campus on 20th dec. and the interviews on 22nd dec.The Initial shortlisting was done on the basis of CGPA. The cutoff is 7 

Written Round:- 
1) English :- 25 questions (25 min) 
2) Computer Ability :- 25 questions (35 min) 
3) Logical Reasoning :- 15 questions (15 min) 
4) Quantitative :- 15 questions (15 min) 

The questions were of average difficulty.It was all about managing time.Computer Ability section had questions related to Data Structures,C output,basic DBMS and OOPs concepts.And Quant,LR and English can be prepared from Indiabix 
16 people were shortlisting after this round. 

Technical Interview[55-60 min];- 
1. Tell me about yourself? 
2. What kind of person you are? 
3. Tell me about your achievements till date? 
4. What are things that you have learned from your family and also asked about my family background? 
5. This interview was mostly based on resume discussion. He asked me to describe my project. 
6. Difference between C and C++. 
7. Questions on OOPS Concepts and real life examples in the interview room, 
8. Use of static function? 
9. What is IPC? What is race condition? 
10. What is Deadlock ? 
11. What is trigger? What is stored procedure? Diff. between trigger and stored procedure? 
12. What is bubble sort? What is binary sort? Which sort is better between bubble sort and binary sort? 
What is quick sort? 
Then he give me 6 numbers for sorting 11 54 23 89 23 45 using bubble sort and asked me to write the algo. Of bubble sort for sorting these numbers… I wrote the code within 5 min. and he asked me to trace the code manually and show the comparisons? 
What is best case in bubble sort and what is the time complexity of bubble sort in best case? 
13.Do you have any questions?? I inquired about the current Philips project in healthcare? 
Then he handshake with me and said good luck 🙂 for next round.He seemed impress with my performance in the technical round. 

HR Interview[25-30 min]:- 
1. Tell me about yourself and achievements? 
2. Brief explanation of my projects? 
3. Then she asked me a puzzle-How can you represent days of month using two 6 sided dice? You can write one number on each face of the dice from 0 to 9 and you have to represent days from 1 to 31, for example for 1, one dice should show 0 and another should show 1, similarly for 29 one dice should show 2 and another should show 9. 
4. What is the worst problem that you had faced in your life? And how did you overcome from it? 
5. She asked me about my family background. 
6. What is your future plans?? 
7. Why job not M.Tech, MBA.? 
8. Do you have any question? 
Then she gave me an employment form . :):):) 
Total Selections- 10 😉 

1. For written test prepare yourself from and and time management is very important in the written test. 
2. They were focusing on candidate Skills and personality.So take it easy & communicate really well. 
3. Phlips asked puzzles so be prepare for interview puzzles from geeksquiz. 

Thanks for my interview preparation. 😉 

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Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021
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