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Persistent Systems Interview Experience | On-Campus

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Date of Interview was in mid August 2019. First Interview was basic Technical interview
  • Outputs of Pseudo codes, 4 were asked, 1 was super easy, 2 were moderate, and for the last one it was complicated but doable (He was more interested in the way i got the output)
  • then went through my resume and asked to describe my projects in short and asked what difficulty i faced during implementation, and asked which was my favorite one and we further discussed on it for some time
  • then asked OOPS concepts with examples
  • then asked to make a program to convert Binary to Decimal Using Recursion again Easy
  • Then asked the concept of how to detect and remove a loop in a Linked list
  • then concluded by asking if i had some Questions for him and i did not ask to which he said why do you not have any. and said any ways its alright. So i said to myself always Ask some goddamn questions.
Second Technical Interview the person now interviewing me was some one senior and had focus more on the core CS subjects did not discuss much about projects and all
  • I enter he asks me to sit and starts the interview by asking the conventional question of  “Tell me about you/ introduce yourself”.
  • Goes through my resume and only asks for a brief summary of my projects (and thats it for the projects in this interview)
  • Asks me “Tell me 3 subjects that you liked the most from the core Cs subjects”. I said OS, Networks, DBMS.
  • Then Asked me to explain what is a Semaphore, What is it used for, what is Dining Philosophers problem( asked me to explain it and also asked for solution through semaphores)
  • then gave a situation that you are in college c1 with an ipv4(of college’s network) and your friend in college c2 with another ipv4(his college’s network) Explain how both of you will communicate on paper.
  • then asked what is a transaction, what are acid properties and what will be the consequences if a transaction does not follow them
  • Till now I answered all the Questions, here the interview took a 180 turn
  • he asked what else do you like out of your curriculum i paused for some time and said Post independence Indian History ( yes I am a history buff ).
  • So now he said Explain the Kashmir Issue to me. I did that. he was impressed now.
  • Now Came back to computers and asked if i read The C Programming Language by Dennis Ritchie which i did not. he said when he used to be a undergrad they read it.
  • Now asked if I knew what is dynamic allocation, how it happens in C and why is it needed
  • he further asked me about MALLOC, CALLOC, REALLOC, Free etc.
  • then asked if we use malloc to allocate space to a integer array and do not free it in the program what happens to the allocated space after program terminates. explained it nicely
  • now he concluded the interview and asked if i had some questions for him, so i asked his opinions on Masters to which he very positively said yes you should pursue it he himself was M.Tech from IIT Bombay (1993) he told me to get some work experience first then pursue masters( his advice)
Third Interview was HR it was pretty conventional
  • tell me about yourself
  • which book you read recently ( I mentioned reading in hobbies)
  • what was your biggest failure yet and how did  you come out of it.
  • are you self Critical, is it good to be self critical or not.
  • what do you know about persistent.
  • then concluded by saying If i had Questions for her. to which i asked what made her work in persistent for 12 years ( she mentioned this in the company PPT earlier).
Conclusion -:  I was selected.

Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2019
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