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Persistent Systems Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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Persistent systems came to our campus for recruitment(Online). They offered three different kinds of packages. 6 students were selected out of 150 students for the base package from my batch. I was one of them.

Hope that my experience would help you all in the selection process. 

Round 1(Technical + Aptitude) MCQ and Coding: First-round consist of two parts

  1. Technical + Aptitude: This round which was of 50 minutes consists of data structure questions, operating system, computer networking, oops, general aptitude(quantitative + logical)
  2. Coding automata: In this round, I solved two basic programming question (The whole code has to be written here)

Now who cracked the first round was divided into 2 parts  

  1. Top performers

Other than toppers

Top performers are directed to the 2nd round which is an advanced coding round and else are directed to the 3rd round.

Round 2(Advanced Coding): People who crack round 2 are eligible for the higher packages. I was one of the top performers in round 1, so I was eligible for round 2. In this round, they gave me 2 questions, it was quite difficult. It consisted of questions based on trees, graphs, knapsack problems, etc, I could solve only 1 question, so I got rejected in round 2 and now I was eligible for the base package.

Round 3(Technical Interview I): At first, the interviewer asked me to introduce myself, and then she asked me some logical questions (Real-world scenario problems)

Note: Be prepared with your introduction and prepare your Resume very well with a justification of all the points from it as it would help you a lot when the interviewer fire questions from your projects.

Later she asked me some questions on data structure, computer network questions. As she had my resume, so she started to ask questions regarding my certifications, courses, etc. I have a specialization in Intelligent Systems hence have good hands-on Machine learning and data science so the rest of the interview went in that direction.

Note: Interviewers are very interested in the projects or research you have done. I had a very good project in my bucket that helped me a lot.

At last, she asked me a bonus question which was “What happens when we type in the search box”. I knew the answer and I cleared round 3.

Round 4 (Technical Interview II): In this round, I expected that it will be the same as round 3 but with advanced questions but no, The interviewer came and directly asked me to open the compiler on “Smartmeet” ( All the earlier rounds were on Smartmeet).

Now he asked me which programming language you prefer to which I replied Python. Then he asked me if I can code in C++ and I replied “YES”, so he said, “today we will code in C++”.

So basically my Technical interview II was now a coding round.  

Then he posted some questions like reverse a string without using any other array, and while I was writing the code he was continuously instructing me not to use inbuilt function(like string length), don’t use this 3rd variable, etc and after clearing all test cases he gave me another problem statement which was pattern printing. He gave me several patterns to code. When I was done with that he asked me to write an SQL Query. I tried writing it but it was 90% correct then he tried to help me correct it but I couldn’t get the correct query. Then he asked me questions related to my projects. The overall interview lasted for about 70mins (The time allotted was around 40 mins but it went for long)

Then I received a mail about clearance of Round 4.

Round 5 (HR round): This round was quite interesting. At first, I introduced myself. Then I was asked about how I spent my lockdown. My answer was very funny. I said, “It’s like a dream come true for a hostler to stay at home for such a long period”. He laughed!!!! He chatted with me about my interests in mobile games etc. Then he asked me what kind of projects have you done in your engineering. I told him about my projects. I asked him if the company has a scope for ML to which he said that they have a separate department works on it. Then he asked me that the persistent system is giving you the base package so are you fine with it? To which I said “Yes”!!!!!! The interview ended here.

And I successfully got placed in “Persistent Systems”.

Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2020
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