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Persistent Systems Interview Experience for Software Engineer (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2021
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Round 1: Online Test

So First of all Round 1 was scheduled from11:00 am, 24th July 2021, UTC +05:30, IST (New Delhi) to 11:00 am 26th July 2021, UTC +05:30, IST (New Delhi). We can attempt the test any time between the time interval allotted.

So Before appearing for the Test, we have to register ourselves first to the AMCAT Platform. They ask for personal details and also about my Resume.

So the pattern for round 1 was as follows:

  1. Objective Test Computer Science (Time:- 20 mins, minimum 20 questions)
  2. English Language Skill (Verbal) (Time:- 15 mins, minimum12-15 questions)
  3. Logical Ability (Time:- 15 mins minimum12-15 questions)
  4. Basic Programming (2 Coding Questions) (Total Time:- 45 mins)
  • 1st Question Little bit Easy (Time:-15 mins)
  • 2nd Question Little bit Tricky or Lengthy (Time:- 30 mins)
  • So in my case, the first three sections are easy. Computer Science subject questions were mostly based on theory, English Language skill part include sentences correction, passage and fill in the blanks (by most suitable word), In Logical Ability section, few questions on Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. In the programming section, the first question was so big if you will read theory but the essence of the question was just to find Negative Numbers from input numbers and the second question was little bit tricky.
  • After a week, I got result of this round through TPO at college. On the basis of this round, they classified people for advance level test and base package; so this round is also important…!!!! here I got selected for base package, we will have a look on further part as for base package process.

Round 2: Technical Interview

So I am in receipt of the Interview call on the 13th of August. They call it a Level 1 interview.

The list of Questions asked for the interview are as follows:

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Programming Language Preference (I have given python then he said, “okay so you know C and C++ definitely.”)
  3. One program was given to me which was coded in C and I have to guess its output. (so the program was having switch case but the trick was that there was no break statement after each case)
  4. The next Program was in C++ and again I have to predict its output.
  5. Writing SQL query to get employee names who are not a manager (Employee and Manager tables were provided by interviewer we have to just write the query, without any actual run of the query as like typing query in notepad)
  6. Write SQL query for inserting ‘ID’ column in Employee Table.
  7. Write SQL query to find the total score of each country from the country table (Country Table was provided for this).
  8. Write SQL query to find an employee whose name starts with ‘A’.
  9. Write code to print the pattern.
  10. Removing occurrences of the second string from the first string.
  11. Question from Operating Systems tells me about Linker and Loader.
  12. When You type “” in your browser what process happens at the backend? (Expected answer regarding Computer Networks but I answered it on the basis of how searching happens actually by google by checking text between HTML tags.)
  13. How you will find the middle of the linked list?
  14. Any Questions for me?

So Printing Pattern Question was 


  • And Removing Substring Question was 
Input :-
    str1="This is the thing"


output :- 
    "Th   the thing"
  • I have to remove str2 from its each and every occurrence in str1.
  • From questions 2 to 8, Either I have to do code or output prediction questions were on AMCAT platforms environment. 

Note:- Better if you will check which language compiler you have chosen at the top right

Round 3: HR Online Assessment Test

  • This Test was held at AMCAT Platform itself on 20th August.
  • Most of the questions here were of MCQ type. They ask some questions repeated by changing question type but the essence of the question will be the same as it was done earlier to check our mental ability; whether we change our choice again or stay stick to it. HR assessment mostly has questions in the range of 70 -100. The time allotted for this is 15-20 mins but you may attempt them for 25-30 mins.

After all, I received an offer letter for the post of Software Engineer on 1st September 2021.Thanks For Reading, 

Hope it will help you

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