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Paytm Interview Experience( On Campus )

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2019
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Round 1:The first round was a coding round with 3 questions held on cocubes platform.There were 3-4 set of questions my set had the following questions.

  1. Given two strings A, B in the form of linked list.If the first string is lexicographically  greater return 1, if smaller than -1 or if both stings are equal than 0.
    GeeksforGeeks Link
  2. Given an array of integers, you have to print the number of integers which are  greatest from all the elements when seen form right side.
    For Example : 1 4 55 45 2 5.
    In this case the count will be 3 for 55 45 and 5.
  3. The third question was one of the standard problem of dp which is Longest Increasing Subsequence.

About 80 people appeared for this round and 26 were shortlisted for interviews.

Round 2:The second round was technical interview round.The round began with introduction about myself and started telling about my projects and the interviewer also showed interest in it and we have a discussion on it.After than some questions on dp were asked and i had to write to write algorithm for them. The interview concluded with questions on some questions on OS, DBMS, SQL and Data Structures.


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