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PayPal Interview Experience | Set 5 (On-Campus)

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Around 800 students from our university were eligible to attend the interview process conducted by PayPal

First round (online round)
Conducted at hackerrank which had 15 MCQ ( technical + aptitude ) questions and a coding question. Program asked was Maximum amongst minimum in sub arrays.
I did 12/15 mcq questions correctly and for coding question there was 13 test cases so optimal solution was required to ran all test case (I used heap concept to give nlog(n) solution)
Around 40 of the students were selected for the next round.

Round 2: (elimination round)
It was coding test on paper. There were 2 question

  1. Minimum no. of coin to a given amount
  2. longest-palindromic-subsequence in string

it was on greedy and dynamic concept. I gave dynamic solution for both
Around 13 of the students were selected for the next round.

Round 3: Technical F2F

    The interviewers (Two of them were present) asked me to introduce myself. They glanced my resume, code and started shooting out the questions!

  1. Asked me to explain the code of second round and what other solution can you give, as I gave dynamic solution for both, first one can be done easily by greedy approach as the coin where in decreasing order and had 1 coin of value one he was happy with the solution
  2. Asked me about my favorite subjects I said data structure and algorithm.
    He gave me some scenario and asked which sorting algorithm will you use and why and what is the worst condition.
  3. After that he started asking question on data base.
    Gave me some scenario on board and asked to make ER diagram and write query for the problem, he gave me 10 min for this. I was struggling hear because I was not getting the problem he gave. He helped me to understand the problem and gave some hint and said you very close, then finally I got the solution (you should have a good idea about group by, having and sub query).
  4. Then asked some oops concept

  5. What is difference between encapsulation and data hiding?
  6. How can you access private data from other class?
  7. About dynamic allocations in c
  8. From this 7 students were selected for the next round.

Round 4: Technical F2F

  1. Asked about my online test experience and what programming language you are good at, I said C++ (as I use this for competitive programming).
  2. Then he asked about how virtual function is implemented in compiler.
  3. He gave me some real life example and asked me what oops concept will you use, it real want bad for me.
  4. Then he switched to data structures.
  5. Add a functionality of finding maximum in a stack in O(1).
  6. How will you delete a node (given node pointer) in link list if no head pointer is given.

All 7 where selected (including fulltime offer and internship offer)

Geekforgeek and my interest & achievements in competitive programming (hakerrank/topcoder) helped me a lot.

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Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2019
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