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PayPal Interview Experience for Backend Java Developer (2.5+ Years Experienced)

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Hi Folks, I was interviewed recently at PayPal for the role of Backend Java developer (Software Developer). To give an overview, I have an experience of 2.5+ years of. 

Round 1: OA(HackerRank) 3 medium-hard level questions based on dynamic programming and Strings manipulation. In all the questions, all test cases were passed. On the same day by evening, I was informed that I have cleared OA and they would be scheduling 3 or more interview rounds after a week. Each round would be an elimination round.

Round 2: DSA + Algorithms

  1. Given a board of m*n having characters ‘+’ and ‘0’, source, and destination. Calculate if we can reach from source to destination given that we cannot move to the ‘+’ cell (A traditional BFS/DFS problem). It was later modified to – we can exit from any boundary where boundary cell is 0, calculate min moves.
  2. Find intersection in multiple LinkedList when nodes can have duplicate values. We then discussed the concept of sequencing.

Round 3: Core Java coding + LLD

  1. Set s = new TreeSet<Object>()
       s.add(new User())
       Will this work? No, it will throw ClassCastException.
  2. Find the last 3rd node in LinkedList. I was later asked to write a generic code where we can find the last k element in any LinkedList.
  3. LLD : Login + SignUp + Profile page(REST API)
    The design should support Authentication and authorization of users (I chose spring security). I had to define classes, methods, DB tables, and choice of DB (I chose MongoDB because it’s cheap).
    Later I was asked questions about how will I handle multi-threading and scaling.

Round 4: Hiring Manager discussion

  1. Detailed discussion on Projects.
  2. Most challenging one
  3. Detailed discussion on features of Java 8
  4. Stateless REST
  5. Testing frameworks
  6. We use SonarQube for code quality checks, so questions related to that.

Verdict: Selected

Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2022
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