Pandas – How to shuffle a DataFrame rows

Let us see how to shuffle the rows of a DataFrame. We will be using the sample() method of the pandas module to to randomly shuffle DataFrame rows in Pandas.

Algorithm :

  1. Import the pandas and numpy modules.
  2. Create a DataFrame.
  3. Shuffle the rows of the DataFrame using the sample() method with the parameter frac as 1, it determines what fraction of total instances need to be returned.
  4. Print the original and the shuffled DataFrames.




# import the modules
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
# create a DataFrame
ODI_runs = {'name': ['Tendulkar', 'Sangakkara', 'Ponting',
                      'Jayasurya', 'Jayawardene', 'Kohli',
                      'Haq', 'Kallis', 'Ganguly', 'Dravid'],
            'runs': [18426, 14234, 13704, 13430, 12650,
                     11867, 11739, 11579, 11363, 10889]}
df = pd.DataFrame(ODI_runs)
# print the original DataFrame
print("Original DataFrame :")
# shuffle the DataFrame rows
df = df.sample(frac = 1)
# print the shuffled DataFrame
print("\nShuffled DataFrame:")


Output :

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