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OYO Rooms Interview Experience | Set 6 (For Senior Software Developer)

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First Round: (Written)

  1. Maximum sum of non-contiguous elements in array
    Input : 1 12 5 4 13
    Output: 25
  2. Given an array of integers, find a combination of four elements in the array whose sum is equal to a given value X.
    Input Array : 1 5 1 0 6 0
    Input Sum: 7
    Output : 1 (1 if present, else 0)

Second : (F2F)

  1. Discussion of above two questions.
  2. If a doubly linked list has pointers in the form of integers that represesnts memory location, and we want to manage only one reference for both prev and next node, how will the list be traversed.
  3. Rotate right a binary tree

Third : (F2F)

  1. Diameter of a binary tree
  2. How DNS lookup works
  3. SQL Query with 3 tables : Student, Class, Test
    Input : Student : SID, CID, Name
        Class : CID, Cname
        Test : TestId, WeekId, SID, Marks 

    Write a query to print average marks classwise for each week

    Output Example :

       ClassName, WeekId, Avg_Marks
       Tenth, 1, 33
       Eleventh, 1, 34
       Tenth, 2, 45
       Eleventh, 2, 21 

    Solution : select (select Cname from Class where CID = S.CID)ClassName, T.WeekId, AVG(T.Marks)
    from Test T LEFT_JOIN Student S on T.SID=S.SID
    group by ClassName, T.WeekId

  4. Design a Ludo/Snake&Ladders

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Last Updated : 11 Jun, 2019
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