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OYO Rooms Interview Experience for Software Developer | On-Campus 2021
  • Last Updated : 08 Jan, 2021
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Process: There were 3 rounds. 

  1. 1st was the coding round which consists of 25 MCQ’s and 2 Programming Questions.  46 students were shortlisted after this round. 
  2. 2nd round was the face to face algorithmic interview where I was asked to solve 2 coding questions. 
  3. 3rd round was again a face to face technical interview where I was asked some questions related to my project, CS Fundamentals, and 1 programming question. 

And finally, 16 people were offered SLI + FTE,

Round 1 (90 minutes, Platform- HackerEarth): 25 MCQ’s on CS fundamentals and data interpretation(Scoring: 48 points) and 2 programming questions. 

  • 1st one was easy but the 2nd was a little tricky. (Scoring: 50+50 points). 

My score was around 82 out of 148, and I was shortlisted for further interviews. 

Round 2 (45 minutes approx): In this round, I was supposed to solve one problem based on DSA and the problem was like 

“We are given a list of words, a starting word, and the end word. And we are supposed to reach the end word from the start word but the condition is that we can only change one character of that word at one time and the resultant word must be present in that list”. 

After solving this problem she asked me the approach for one of the coding problems which was asked in the previous online test. 

Round 3 (65 minutes approx): The panelist was really very nice, and he takes the first 5-10 minutes to comfort me and then asked me for the introduction following some discussions on my entire resume including projects, extracurricular activities hobbies, and all. 

Then he asked me some questions based on DBMS and OS, and then we moved on to a DSA problem in which I need to implement the inorder traversal of a binary tree where we discussed every single point on Binary trees. 

Difficulty: Average 

Must have skills:  

  1. A good grasp of Data Structure and Algorithms.
  2. Decent knowledge of DBMS and OS 

Overall Experience: Positive

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