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Overview of IAST Test

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Prerequisite : Security Testing

The Interactive Application Security Test (IAST) is a new generation of vulnerability analysis technology which can effectively solve the technical gaps of the various sites represented by the e-commerce platform. This technology combines Static Application Security Testing (SAST) with Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) using a unique design context association mechanism. IAST integrates the advantages of SAST and DAST technology, and it continuously detects and identifies weaknesses in applications.

Interactive Application Security Testing :
Interactive Application Security Testing is a new generation and advanced testing method which is used for identification and management of security risks associated with a running web application. That’s why it is also called as Run time testing and uses a lot of dynamic testing techniques. It keeps eye on the running software and monitors it’s running and gather information of its performance with the help of special software tools. So, in real time it analyzes the software.

Benefits of IAST :
It generally occurs during the testing/quality assurance phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) so problems are detected early in the development cycle, reducing treatment costs and delays. Several tools can be integrated into the Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Development (CD) tools.

  1. IAST provides accurate results for a fast sort where the DAST tools often generate many false positives but do not specify lines of code for the vulnerabilities.
  2. IAST Precisely identifies the source of the vulnerabilities by allowing developers to quickly identify and fix the source of the specific vulnerability.
  3. IAST Easily integrates into CI/CD, and it is the only type of dynamic testing technology that integrates seamlessly into CI / CD pipelines.

Basic step to operate this effectively :

  1. Deploy DevOps to check and monitor integration into a CI / CD environment.
  2. Choose tools that can perform code reviews of applications written in the programming languages.
  3. Establish the infrastructure for the survey and deploy the tool.
  4. Set up access control and authorization and any required integrations, such as Jira for bug tracking, to deploy the tool.
  5. Customize the tool. Refine the tool to suit the needs of the organization.
  6. Set priorities and add applications. If multiple apps are there, prioritize high-risk web apps to scan first.
  7. Train the development and security teams on effectively using the results from the IAST tool.

Here are the main advantages of using IAST :

  • False positives : IAST provides an interactive test that takes advantage of more data and leads to better and more accurate discoveries. Less false positives.
  • Covering vulnerabilities : IAST enables to create custom rules and customize a threat coverage strategy according to specific organizations and industries.
  • Code Coverage : Interactive testing technology can fully scan the application, providing much better coverage.
  • Scalability : Interactive testing tools can handle any size of application, including large operations.
  • Instant feedback : Interactive test tools provide instant feedback.

What should you look for in the IAST tool :

  • The web APIs that enable DevOps incorporate testing into designs for Jenkins and other enterprise tools.
  • Jira native integration for bug tracking and incorporation into other development tools, quality assurance and testing
  • Compliance with any type of test method – current automation tests, manual quality assurance / development tests, automated web crawlers, unit testing, etc.
  • Real-time analysis results at low false positive rates out of the box
  • The ability to expand in a large enterprise environment.
  • Fully automated, Docker-based, or manual post forms
  • Support for standardized architecture based on microservices and cloud-based applications.


Last Updated : 16 Jun, 2021
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