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Difference between Test Case and Test Script

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1. Test Case: In Software Testing, Test Case refers to the document that contains the steps that have to be executed to test the software product. It is mainly used to test any particular function or any specific aspect of the developed software. Test cases tell that a necessity is completely fulfilled after testing. Test Case is an arrangement of conditions based on which the tester performs testing upon application and confirms whether the functionalities are partially or completely fulfilled. In other words, a Test Case is the “What” of the test. 

2. Test Script: In Software Testing, Test Script refers to a set of instructions or short program which tests some portion of the functionality of a software product. It is also known as an Automated Test Script because it tests an application automatically. If any test is composed as a small program it is viewed as an automatic test script. Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, VB script are some of the scripting languages used in automatic testing. In other words, a Test Script is the “How” of the test. Test Case and Test Script can be used interchangeably. They are both steps to validate any functionality of the application. But there is a slight difference between them mainly in their representation and working procedure. 

Difference between Test Case and Test Script:

Test CaseTest Script
Test Case is a step by step procedure to test any functionality of the software application/product.Test Script is set of instructions or a short program to test any functionality of software application/product.
Test Case is a manual approach of software testing.Test Script is an automatic approach of software testing.
It is a set up that is used by the tester to test any specific function of the software product.It is a program developed by the tester, intended to test any specific function of the software product.
Point by point test case configuration encourages tester to test viably.Automatic testing approach is beneficial for constant execution.
Test Cases are written manually.Test Scripting is done by scripting format.
Test case is developed in form of templates.Test script is developed in form of scripting.
If the tester does not have a good understanding of how the program is used or about the recent risks to the program, then it will be difficult to use the test cases properly.Active software projects frequently change. So testers have to make a continuous effort to update the scripts to match the changes of the new product.
Test Case is used in manual testing environment.Test Script is used in automatic testing environment.
Test Cases are classified as delegated, positive, reusable, negative and UI test cases.Test Script are characterized as manual test script and automation test scripts.
Test Case comprises of many test qualities like conditions, test data, environment, test suite id, name and others.In Test Script different commands can be used to develop scripts which is used as a part of performing repeatable and regression testing.
Requires more resources and time.Requires less time for testing scripts.

Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2022
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