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Oracle On Campus FTE (Server Technology)

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  • Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2018
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Oracle Server Technology opened for Btech circuital branches (CSE, ECE, ICE, EEE)

Round 1: It was an online MCQ test where there were 4 different sections (Software engineering aptitude, Contextual communication, Coding skills, Computer science knowledge). The test lasted for 95-100 min. Each section has an individual timer.  Software engineering aptitude is easy but you need to be fast. Coding skills consisted questions on trees and flow charts. contextual communication and computer science knowledge questions are easy and can be done in the given time. There was no elimination in this round.

Round 2:  It was a coding round and you need to solve two questions in an hour. one question is simple recursion and other one is word ladder problem ( ).

Round 3: Around 20 people were shortlisted for the interviews on the next day. Round 3 was a simple technical interview. I am a CSE student and he asked me to rate myself in computer science core subjects ( DS and Algos, OS, DBMS, Networks).  He asked  me the difference between relational and non relational database. Then he asked me to explain ACID properties. He defined a schema and asked me to write SQL queries. The queries were simple like selecting a 3rd max salary from an employee table. In OS, he asked me about the implementation of Semaphores. In DS and Algos  he asked me to explain the code for the word ladder problem in Round 2. He asked me to write the code for single linked list, find the intersection point of two linked lists, kth largest element in bst, bubble sort. There was a question on stacks which seemed similar to Towers of Hanoi. He didn’t ask me to write the code but just asked me to explain in the approach. This round lasted for about 60-70 min.

Round 4: This was also a tech interview and only DSA was tested. The interviewer asked me to write next nearest palindromic number. I first told him a naive approach and he said everybody can do it. I thought for about 5min and said a O(n) approach. He helped me to cover the edge cases. Then he asked me to write the code for the explained approach. Then he asked me to write kadane’s algorithm. The last question was to print the largest set of contiguous elements in an array. I told him to sort and compare the elements. Then he asked me to write code for the sort as well as the comparison logic. He asked me to print the contiguous elements in the array order. I told him that we can store the value and indices in a struct. Sort according to the value. After getting the largest set, sort the largest set according to the indices and we will get the array order. He was satisfied with my solution. The round lasted for about 60-70min.

Round 5: This round was more concentrated on my projects. After asking the questions on my project, she asked me what were the core subjects in my course. Then asked me my favourite subjects to which I replied OS concepts and DBMS. She asked me to define process and what are the elements in a process. What is process synchronization ? Different types of scheduling algorithms, critical section, difference between B tree and binary tree etc. The round lasted for about 30 min.

Round 6: This was a 2 on 1 round. They asked me to explain normalization. He defined a location schema with address and pincode. Then asked me whether it is in 3NF or not. He asked me how do you uniquely identify a location without taking address and pincode as composite key. I explained me that using pincode we can get the list of addresses. He said that i am close and he later said me that we need to split the pincode into area code and region code. I couldn’t understand it properly. The other guy asked me question on indexing. I was not fully  successful  in this as well. Later he said do you know probability ? and I replied yes. if you have 12 subjects in a semester then in how many minimum number of subjects do you need to get 9 points in order to achieve 8.75 GPA. This wasn’t a probability question 🙂 . I wrote a math equation 8*x+9*(12-x)= 12*8.75.  He asked me to explain the math equation and why did I chose 8. He said me to solve it in a more basic manner. I couldn’t do it and he later told me to 8.75 was made by 3 parts of 9 and 1 part of 8. so you need to get 9 points in 9 subjects if you have 12 subjects. The round lasted about 25-30 min.

Round 7:  This was a HR round. He asked me to introduce myself. He checked through my resume and asked me how would you explain machine learning to a layman. He was satisfied with my answer. Then he asked me to name 5 IOT devices. He asked me whether smartphone is an IOT device?  I had done internship in a company and asked me whether I got a PPO or not? This was a crucial one and I gave him an honest and reasonable answer. He asked me  What is the most fascinating thing about Oracle and Server Technology position in Oracle? I answered well. He asked me about my family background and then told me to leave. The round lasted for about 20-25 min

Finally after doing 5 rounds of interview, they selected 4 people and I was one among them.

Be prepared to write a lot of code. The tech interviews difficulty level will  increase gradually and the interview process will be all day long.

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