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Oracle Interview Experience (On-Campus for OFSS)

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Oracle visited our campus for recruiting an Associate Application Developer, for Oracle’s part of OFSS.
There were 4 rounds for the whole process
Online Test
Technical Round-1
Technical Round-2
HR Round

Round 1 (Online test)(2Hour) :
There were CGPA criteria 7 and above, and CSE, ESE, and EE branches ( were allowed.
The Online test was on Oracle Portal and it broadly consisted of 4 sections.
– Coding outputs (mainly on Complexity, Stack, Queue, trees, AVL trees)
– English (Grammar, Reading Compression)
– Computer Science subjects (DBMS, OS, Software Engineering)
– Aptitude
The test lasted for 2 hours. The key here is managing time. Questions were of average level but time was not sufficient, so anyhow I first took a quick view on all questions and manage time according to them. Each section has a separate time.
A total of around 140-150 students appeared in the Online round.
Out of them, 23 students were shortlisted for the next round.
I was shortlisted for 2nd round.
Round 2(F2F)(Technical Round-1)(40-45min) :
The interviewer was very friendly. He took my resume first and started with “Tell Me Something about yourself”. I introduced myself formally.
I wrote JAVA in my resume so he asked me a normal question in Java. Oops, Concepts and Collections.
Then He asked for the project to explain in detail with ER diagram. I Draw ER and explained it very well.
He Impressed. Then he moves the DS part and one Array question he gives me.
It was related to searching from one Array(String array) to Another array.
Like. Array-1 has one String “XY” search it into another how much percentage it matches with every string in another array write it into another array.
I gave him. Simple solution by using four loops. he said ok, but he didn’t ask me for the optimal solution.
Then he moved to SQL and asked about Left, Right, and Full Outer JOIN with examples. I explained it well. He impressed.
Then he said ok, I am done with you. Do you have any questions for me? I asked about him and his profile and work culture in Oracle. He gave me all solutions and said thank you and nice to meet you.
After 10-15 min I was called for the 3rd round.
Round 3 (F2F)(Technical Round-2)(30-35min):
This round was Completely based on DBMS and Puzzles.
he asked me for introducing first, and I did well. then
-What is the difference b/w Primary Key and Unique Key?
-What are all DDL and DML statements?
-What is Candidate Key? how does it differ from Super Key?
-Than He asked for one fork puzzle it was simple.
-Then and one puzzle that-:there are there boxes one is red, one is green and one is a mixture of red and green. and their labels are wrong, how you can assign them in just one swap?
It took time but I did finally.
He was impressed and said I am done with you, Do you have any questions for me?
-I was asked the same as the previous round and said thank you.
After 2-3min the same interviewer come and said you have One HR round please come.
Round 4 (F2F)(HR) (30-35min):
I entered the room and wish him. He said come and have seat, please. and then
-How are you?
I said I was fine. how are you?.. He said ok.
-How was the technical round?
I said both were well.
-How many companies you already had interviewed and till which round you went?
I replied well.
-what is a possibility for selection and how?
I replied well.
-Then he said I want to give to one question if you did then you are in otherwise out…ok?
I said I like challenges. and ok please fire your question.
-He gives me one array question has millions of size numbers in an array and tell that whether the number is prime or not.
I did it in 2-3min.
He was satisfied and said do you have any questions for me?
I asked about the training period, and special requirements which they expect from freshers and he gave all solutions. I said thank you.
He said you may leave, nice to meet you, good luck.
After all, 6 students went to HR round 2 from and 4 from, and finally, in the evening they announced that One is selected from and 4 from
I was the only one from
I was very happy placed in such a reputed company. Oracle India it is.
Prepared well your Resume. For Oracle Please more and more focus on DBMS and JAVA. Keep Patience and be Confident and Do Hard Work.
Big thanks to GEEKSFORGEEKS for helping me in the entire placement preparation.

Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2022
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