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Oracle India Interview Experience for Application Developer

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  • Last Updated : 10 Jun, 2022
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Oracle visited our campus in  August 2021 for a full-time Application Developer profile.

Round 1(Online Test): The online test was completely MCQs and was conducted on its own platform. WebCam had to be kept ON for the entire time and the maximum time for the test was 107 minutes. It consisted of these sections:

  • Aptitude: It consisted of conventional aptitude questions. The section itself had various subsections and individual time limits for each.
  • Technical MCQs: This section consisted mainly of MCQs from core CS subjects including DBMS, OS, Computer Networks, and OOPs.
  • Coding-based MCQs: It had questions based on predicting output, flowchart completion, and lots of questions from Binary Trees, BSTs, AVL Trees, and Red-Black Trees.
    English language-based: It had questions based on grammar, comprehension-based and similar. A major challenge in the online test was maintaining speed and coping with the format. We cannot navigate back and forth within any subsection. The test did not have any negative markings, and hence one must make wise decisions about how much time must be dedicated to the current question.

After the written test 34 students were shortlisted the for interview round.

Round 2(Technical Interview): The interviews were held on zoom after the pre-placement talk. The round started with my introduction. Then the interviewer asked me to share my screen and open any online compiler for my preferred language.

  • She asked what language I prefer as I have written two languages in my resume (C++, and Python).
  • What is a virtual function? Write a code example showing the use of virtual functions.
  • What is a static variable?
  • What different types of constructors are there? Write code for it in C++ (class having different constructors).
  • What is a dangling pointer?
  • How memory division is done in any program.
  • Write a code to reverse a LinkedList.
  • Asked me to explain my projects and then she asked a few questions about my projects.

After this round, 25 students were shortlisted for the next interview round, but they didn’t inform us that we were shortlisted. We were asked to wait in the post-interview room on zoom.  The round was 50 minutes long.

Round 3(Technical Interview): The interviewer introduced herself and then asked for my introduction. Then she asked me if I had any tabs open on my browser. Since I was switched to the interview room suddenly I had few tabs open, so I said sorry and told her the complete scenario. She was very sweet. She said she also understands this and there is no issue, you can close them now.

After that, she asked me to share my screen and open any online compiler for C++. 

Then she started asking questions:

  • You need to sort an array of numbers which sorting algorithm you will use and why.
  • Then she gave me an array of 5 numbers and asked to show iterations of quick sort to sort the array.
  • What are sockets? List various methods of sockets. She cross questioned like are these methods called by client or by server.
  • She asked if I had software development as my subject. After getting a yes she asked if I know what is product requirement analysis and do I know how to make its flow chart. I said yes, she then said to me “she wants a cup of tea” , Do product requirement analysis of this case. She appreciated my answer. 
  • Then she asked me my preferred language of programming. 
  • She asked me to write a program to help a watchman at a temple. Since covid is there, people aged above 60 are not allowed to enter the temple and there should not be more than 50 people in the temple. If a person is allowed to enter the temple , he/she needs to share their name, phone number, pan card id and age to the watchman and the watchman needs to record the information. 
    Her main focus was how I store the information. And Do I add print statements stating for what all this information is being asked.  I said that we can also define the validation rule of phone number , names. So she was happy and appreciated that I acknowledged it. 
  • She then asked what all subjects were taught in my branch.
  •  She asked to explain the OSI model.
    Then the interview ended. She asked if I had any questions , so I asked one question on the technology they use for one of their products which I researched.
    This round also was 50 minutes long. 14 students including me were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 4(Techno – HR round): This round was 30-40 min long. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself starting from my 12 th standard till now. 

  • After that he asked why my optional was not CS in 12th. 
  • He then asked me my preferred language and how many lines of code I have written in it.
  • Asked me to explain my projects and why I used python not c++ for project purposes.
  • He asked what is difference between process and thread
  • Asked what if three threads are changing a particular variable , it will lead to inconsistency, what will you do.
  • Then cross questioned me, what library is used in c++ for implementing threads.
  • Which OS do I use, any experience with linux. 
  • Explain different job scheduling algorithms.
  • He said you need to store a huge amount of phone numbers and some related information like name and other things , which data structure will I use.
  • What is a tree, why of tree and use case of BST 
  • Then he asks what my current location is, am I willing to relocate.
  • He asked me if I had any questions ,I asked questions. Then the interview ended.

After this round 7 students were finally selected including me 🙂

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