Oppo R&d Interview Experience | On-Campus for FTE

Oppo R&D visited our campus in the beginning of September.It was open for CSE and ECE with 7 pointer cut off . There were 1 coding round, followed by 2 technical interview rounds and 1 HR round.

Location: Hyderabad

Online Coding Round: 
This exam was conducted on hackerearth. There were 3 coding questions where one question carries 20 marks, another 30, and another 50.

The first question is as follows:

Given a positive number n find total number of permutations of natural numbers from 1 to n in which indices(starting from 1) of prime numbers are also prime number. Return the ans%1000000007.

The second question is as follows:

This question was a slight modification of given link(the question boils down to given link, its a moderate question)


The third question is as follows

This question was slight modification of below given link


I solved only 20 and 30 marks question completely and unable to pass the last question, out of 87, 27 were shortlisted.

Technical Round 1:
He first asked me to introduce about myself. After that he has started asking questions in DS

1)What is the  most complex data structure you have ever implemented?

2) why it is so complex?

3)How do you implement a heap?

4)why  tree data structures are used?

5)reversing a linked list?

6) How hashing is done?How many types of hashing are present?

7)implementing a stack using a queue

And later we moved on to java:

1)  what is abstraction.How do u achieve it?

2) How do you implement multiple inheritance in java and asked to write code on paper for it

3) Questions related to that code

4) How hash map is implemented in java?

5)what is multi threading?

And later we moved on to OS:

1)  what is difference between process and thread?

2) How memory management is done by OS?

3) questions related to paging and segmentation?

4)  disk scheduling algorithms and paging algos

And later we moved on to computer Networks:

1)  what is Three way handshaking protocol?

2)  Explain fields and their purpose in TCP and UDP

3) How VPN is implemented?

4) How Firewall is implemented?

and some questions related to my projects..

Techincal Round 2:

Here I was given a tree and I was asked to convert the tree into a doubly linked list.

Initially I gave a brute force solution and he asked me optimise it

I had done the optimisation and he was happy with it.

Later i was asked to go for Hr round

Round 3:

Its A HR round

This round went for an Hour

Here he asked about some of the questions like

1) Give a brief introduction about yourself

2)Why OPPO r&d?

3)what are your strengths?

4)What is your weakness?

5) Where do u see yourself after 5 years?

6) what is your biggest motivation?

7) How do you handle a project as a team leader?

8)What are your opinions on working as a individual and working as a Team mate?

9)About my childhood studies and other areas of interest

Later i was asked to wait outside and finally 4 out 27 were selected and I was one among them!!

Happy tears!!

My Suggestions :


1)Be cool and confident

2)Go through all the geeks for geek interview questions to get a brief idea

3)Never ignore HR round.It is that round that may decide your fate

4)When a question is asked, make sure you understand the question and ask the interviewer if you have any queries

5)Never Try to Byheart any algorithm, Learn how it works and apply it when ever possible 🙂

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