OneTrust- Software Developer Interview

I applied through college/University. It was a 2 days process.
The process included- Written test, 2 technical rounds and HR round.

1. Written Round.
– Paper was of 90 min, which included 10-15 Java & C programming MCQ’s, 10 basic
aptitude questions and 3 programming questions(easy).  Aptitude could be easily solved if you go through GeeksforGeeks aptitude.

2.Technical Round-1
The interviewer was very friendly. Questions were mainly asked based on your area of interest. It went like around 40-45 minutes. Questions on OS, Networking, Data Structures, coding questions were asked.

3. Technical Round-2
This was basically coding round. They were expecting students who could code well and have depth knowledge. Questions were based on Data Structures, Reverse linked list etc.

4.HR Round
This was the best part of the process. The HR people were so friendly and patient answering every doubts we had regarding the company. They expected us to be confident, good communicator, and of course our performance in previous rounds.

Result: Hired


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