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Number Guessing Game using Perl

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The Number guessing game is all about guessing the number randomly chosen by the computer in given number of chances. Functions to be used :
  1. rand n : This function used to generate a random number between 0 to n. And this function always returns the floating point number. So its result is converted to integer value explicitly.
  2. Chomp() : This function is used to remove the newline character from the user input.
Explanation: In the program, while loop runs until the number guessed by the user is equal to the generated number or the number of attempts are less than the maximum number of chances. If the number of attempts becomes greater than the number of chances the game stops and the user loses the game. If the user guesses the correct number in given number of chances then he or she will win. After every guess made by the user, the program informs the user whether the guessed number was smaller, greater than the actual generated number. In this code, initially, rand function chooses a random number as x. The function (rand k) finds a random number between 0 and k. As this random number is a floating point number, so “int” is used to convert it explicitly to the whole number. x stores the whole number. The user is given a specific number of chances to guess the number if the chances exceed the user guesses the user would lose. Below is the implementation :
# Number Guessing Game implementation 
# using Perl Programming 
print "Number guessing game\n";
# rand function to generate the
# random number b/w 0 to 10
# which is converted to integer
# and store to the variable "x"
$x = int rand 10;
# variable to count the correct
# number of chances
$correct = 0;
# number of chances to be given
# to the user to guess number
# the number or it is the of
# inputs given by user into 
# input box here number of 
# chances are 4
$chances = 4;
$n = 0;
print "Guess a number (between 0 and 10): \n";
# while loop containing variable n
# which is used as counter value 
# variable chance
while($n < $chances)
    # Enter a number between 0 to 10
    # Extract the number from input
    # and remove newline character
    chomp($userinput = <STDIN>);
    # To check whether user provide
    # any input or not
    if($userinput != "blank")
        # Compare the user entered number 
        # with the number to be guessed 
        if($x == $userinput)
            # if number entered by user 
            # is same as the generated 
            # number by rand function then 
            # break from loop using loop
            # control statement "last"
            $correct = 1; 
        # Check if the user entered 
        # number is smaller than 
        # the generated number
        elsif($x > $userinput)
            print "Your guess was too low,"
            print " guess a higher number than ${userinput}\n";
        # The user entered number is 
        # greater than the generated
        # number
            print "Your guess was too high,";
            print " guess a lower number than ${userinput}\n";
        # Number of chances given 
        # to user increases by one
    # Check whether the user 
    # guessed the correct number
    if($correct == 1)
            print "You Guessed Correct!"
            print " The number was $x";
            print "It was actually ${x}.";

Number guessing game
Guess a number (between 0 and 10): 
Your guess was too low, guess a higher number than 5
Your guess was too low, guess a higher number than 6
Your guess was too low, guess a higher number than 8
You Guessed Correct! The number was 9
Note: In above program user can modify the value of rand function to increase the range of numbers in this game and also user can increase the number of chances by increasing the value of the chance variable.

Last Updated : 07 Nov, 2019
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