Nodejs | Automatic restart NodeJs server with nodemon

We generally type following command for starting NodeJs server:

node server.js

In this case, if we make any changes to the project then we will have to restart the server by killing it using CTRL+C and then typing the same command again.

node server.js

It is a very hectic task for the development process.

Nodemon is a package for handling this restart process automatically when changes occur in the project file.

Installing nodemon: nodemon should be installed globally in our system:

Windows system: npm i nodemon -g
Linux system: sudo npm i nodemon -g 

Now, let’s check that nodemon has been installed properly to the system by typing the following command in terminal or command prompt:

nodemon -v

It will show the version of nodemon as shown in the below screenshot.

Starting node server with nodemon:

nodemon [Your node application]

Now, when we make changes to our nodejs application, the server automatically restarts by nodemon as shown in the below screenshot.

In this way with nodemon server automatically restarts.


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