Nissan Digital Interview Experience | On-Campus

Round 1: There will be 65mins for 65questions.

Cocubes platform is used here.
15 Quants ( difficulty level : 7/10)
20 Technical (difficulty level: 4-5/10)
15 English : 3 RC x5 question ( difficulty : 3-4/10)
15 Logical (difficulty level : 5-6/10)

Round 2: Those who perform good in round 1, cocubes will immediately ask them to attempt the coding round next.
But there were some students, who didn’t even attended quant fully and english section fully, but even though they got a chance to attempt it( they were asked to sit in the lab and another shortlist of students came).
So literally almost everyone will get the chance to code
Coding round consist of 3 questions(6+9+9marks)
Questions were like :
1. Find the k-th index element of a matrix
( Can’t find this even in Google)
2. Merge two sorted Linked list and print them in reverse order.
3. Find sum of remainders (easy loop implimentation)
4. Subtraction of linked list
5. Find area of polygon ( can’t find this in google)
6. BMI calculation.

Round 3:  Next is technical interview round

Round 4 : Hr round
( Yet to attempt round3&4).
Hope this helps.

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