Tech Aspect (TA Digital) Interview Experience | (On-Campus 2019)

Tech Aspect visited SRM Institute of Science and Technology in August 2019. The role offered was Associate SDE.

Round 1: Online Test included two sections:

It was an online test on the company-specific portal. Around 2000 students participated in this round.

Section 1 was verbal Question-15 MCQs were given, the time allotted to solve was 30 minutes. All questions were reading comprehension. The level was easy to medium.

Section 2 was the basic coding section. It consists of 2 questions, the time allotted to solve was 30 minutes. First one was the school level question, you just need to sum of the array from (j=0 to that iteration) at every iteration with space. The second question was kind of pattern matching I used Optimized Naive Pattern Searching.

After this round around 300 students gets shortlisted.

Round 2: Hackerank Test: It had 5 questions. For getting to the next round you need to solve 2 questions. The time given was 2 Hours. All were medium level questions. The two questions which I had solved were:

  1. Didn’t remember exactly but it was a kind of Hashing and Sorting question and input values was very large so you need to take care of that.
  2. The second was similar to the anagram problem. I had used Counters of python to solve it.

After this round around 60 shortlisted for Technical and HR Round.

Round 3: Technical Interview Round

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Internship and projects.
  3. OOPs, concept.
  4. DDL, DML, DCL
  5. All types of Data Structures you know
  6. Which type of data structure do you use for searching? Implement it.
  7. When to use a linked list and Array?

Round 3: HR Round

  1. Are you comfortable to work in all shifts?
  2. Your strengths.
  3. Why do you want to join Tech Aspect?
  4. Any question you wanted to ask?

After the interviews, 16 students were selected and I was one of them.

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