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Newfold Digital Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 16 Nov, 2021

Newfold Digital visited our college for FTE+intern role. The job profiles offered were:

  1. Operations Engineer
  2. Database Administrator

Particular profile was offered on the basis of your performance in the interview rounds.

ROUND 1(MCQ Test): 60 questions covering core CS subjects like OS, DBMS, OOPS, CN to be finished in 60min. +3 for each correct answer and -1 for incorrect answer

ROUND 2(Coding Test): 3 easy-medium level coding questions to be finished in 1 hr.

Questions were: 

  • One was related to printing each distinct character with its frequency in a given string. 
  • Others I don’t remember but they were of medium difficulty. Solving two questions completely was enough for getting shortlisted for the interview rounds.

ROUND 3(FUNCTIONAL INTERVIEW 1): This round was totally theoretical and lasted for around 1 hr. 

  • Questions were asked on OS, DBMS, Linux, CN, OOPS. 
  • He asked me to rate myself in different subjects and asked questions accordingly, focusing more on subjects I had rated more. 
  • But still, a strong theoretical knowledge is very essential to get past this round.  

ROUND 4(FUNCTIONAL INTERVIEW 2): This round was again theoretical but focused more on DBMS, OS. 

  • This round went on for about 1hour 30 min. 
  • After about 1 hr one more panelist joined the call and asked questions mostly related to the real-life implementation of different computer science concepts.

HR ROUND(Telephonic): This round was more like a formality. And if you are through to the HR round, it’s almost certain you will get the offer. Standard HR questions were asked.

The next day, results came and I was offered the Database administrator role at Newfold digital.

Verdict: Selected


  1. Focus more on core CS concepts. Because that is a must for getting past the functional interview rounds.
  2. Be confident, and explain your answers in your own words. Don’t go only by the bookish definition.
  3. Have knowledge about the real life implementations of different data structures and algorithms.


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