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Nagarro Interview Experience for Women Pool Campus Drive 2021

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I participated in Nagarro’s pool campus drive only for women in February 2021. It was a tremendous experience I got from some series of coding tests and interviews. Nagarro is one of the leading industries of today’s era. It is a CMMI level 5 company that focuses more on growth and innovation.

The drive consisted of 5 rounds including Aptitude+2 coding rounds+1 technical interview+1 HR interview. All the rounds were elimination rounds.

Round 1(Aptitude Round): First round was conducted on 14 February. It had 2 sections, one was about data structures consisted 15 questions and the other section had 15 aptitude questions. I did all of these questions.

There was a negative marking for each wrong question in the aptitude.

The next day, I got a mail about the next round which was a coding round on 18 Feb.

Round 2: It consisted of 3 coding questions, Easy -> Medium -> Hard respectively. The duration of the test was 1 hour.

  1. Electrostatic: Given an array of numbers and another array of the string contains ‘P’ for positive charge and ‘N’ for a negative charge. We have to add all the positive charged numbers and subtract all the negative charged numbers.
  2. Love letter: Given a sentence, and a number k which describes how many times each word was rotated from left to right, tell a number of words that remain the same before and after rotation.
    string:- Hello dFrien
    k:- 5

    Explanation: Here “Hello dFrien” is a rotated string so the original string was “Hello Friend” so here one word Hello remains the same after the rotation so the final output will be 1.

  3. Minimum height: Given the Level order, In order sequence, and the number of nodes in a tree. We have to return the minimum depth of the tree.

I attempted all three questions with all the hidden as well as sample test cases pass.

On the next day, I got a mail for the next coding round which was on February 22.

Round 3: It was again a coding round consisted again 3 questions of the hard level. The time limit was 90 min. They covered advanced topics like dynamic Programming, Graph, and string. I  again attempted all three questions but only one question got fully accepted which was of the string with all the test cases passed. And for other questions, some of my test cases got failed.

The question I solved completely was:

  1. Given a word s, and a number k describing how many starting k letters you can use in the string, find the next word which comes lexicographically, and any of its substrings should not be a palindrome with length>1.

On the same day, I got a mail that two interviews will be conducted, technical interview followed by HR interview.

On 8th March, my interview was scheduled. It was again an elimination round.

Round 4(Technical Interview): Interview started with my introduction. Then they gave me a coding question.

  1. The interviewer asked me various approaches to find whether two strings are anagram or not. They were not interested in coding, they just asked me to write the pseudo-code.
  2. After that, they asked me another question which was of hard level, and I was not able to give its approach completely. Then, the interviewer asked me some questions related to LinkedList.
  3. How to find the length of LinkedList, Can we sort a linked list? What sorting algorithms can be used to sort it and how to use them? I told them about bubble sort and merge sort along with their pseudocode. Then they asked
  4. Some questions were asked from OOP as well. Like polymorphism, operator overloading, compile-time, and run-time polymorphism.

I answered all the questions they asked. On the same day in the evening, I got a call for my HR round.

Round 5(HR Interview): HR interview lasted for only 6 min. The interviewer asked me a few questions including-

  1. Why Nagarro?
  2. Do you have any plans for higher studies?
  3. Any offers in hand?
  4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
  5. How would you rate yourself in programming among your batchmates?

I want to thank GeeksforGeeks for this amazing interview experience section which helped me prepare for Nagarro. Also, thank you GeeksforGeeks for these amazing DSA resources which helped me prepare for the coding round and helped me improve my problem-solving skills.

To everyone preparing for the Nagarro interview, prepare well DSA, OOPs, projects, and read more interview experiences, so you are better able to prepare. All the best!!

Last Updated : 09 Mar, 2021
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