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MuSigma Interview Experience | Pool Campus – Aug 2019

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2020
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Round 1:  

This round was held in the college. 

Mu Sigma have their on platform on which they take the online aptitude test. They call this test MuAPT. 

The MuAPT has different sections which included Aptitude based questions, Data Interpretation and some problems based on the Case Study. 

Many questions were of subjective nature where you have to write your opinion on taking certain decision or write differences between two products. 

Let me make it clear that the questions asked in the MuApt were not that easy. But the cutoff for clearing was also not that high as many of us made it to the next round. 

So , don’t get nervous if you are not able to solve a lot of problems in this test. Just be calm and keep solving and keep moving forward and complete all the sections. 

The chances are very high that you will clear this round. 

Round 2:  

After clearing the first round , we were called for a pool campus round. 

They showed us a presentation on the company. We came to know a lot about the company by the presentation. 

Next , it was a Group discussion round , where students from different colleges were inter-mixed and divided into a group of 6-7 students each. 

The round went on for about 20 mins for each group. It was more like a case study, where the topic would be similar to launching of new product by the company or suggesting some alternative approach for better implementation of some business model , etc. 

You need to give valid and convincing points in the group discussion. 

You must speak clearly and with confidence. 

You don’t need to speak all the time. Just make your point clear and concise. 

Think logically and have a smile on your face. 

Around half of the students who appeared for this round got selected. The result of this round was declared immediately. 


Round 3: 

Next is the face to face interview and also the last round. 

This round was based on my resume. Mostly the questions were based on my interests that I mentioned in my resume. Some technical questions were asked to check my knowledge on databases and programming languages. I was  asked to explain my projects. So you must know every bit of your projects , that you have mentioned in your resume. Overall, this round was neither too tough nor too easy. Moreover, the friendly nature of the interviewer made it more easy for me. 

This round went on for around 30 mins. I was also asked about my knowledge of the company and the perception of my friends about the company, to which I gave my honest opinion. 

I will suggest that you read about the company before your interview and attentively watch the presentation about the company. It will definitely help you and increase your chances of getting selected. 

After interviews of all the student, we all were called and results were declared. 

Offer Letters were given to the students who were selected along with some goodies. 


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